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I'm really enjoying the CDs on "The Great American Songbook" by Rod Stewart... who would have imagined that, for those of us who listened to him in the early and mid 1970s!  [By the way, if my recollection is correct, today, October 14, 2017, is 40 years after Bing's death. How much pleasure he still brings so many of us. RIP]

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Today, I believe the 40th anniversary of Bing's passing
(October 14) i feel motivated to agree with the comments on this post:  there is obviously no current popular entertainer who even remotely compares to him, the most extraordinary American popular entertainer of the 20th Century. As a popular singer, it seems to me that legitimate comparisons can be made with Sinatra (obviously) and Presley, and perhaps Judy Garland and Ella Fitzgerald. And the estimable Tony Bennett. Today, the French singer Mireille Matthieu has had a comparable career. Movie careers: only Sinatra and Presley from the above list...but their acting did not have the versatility of Bing's. If you add Bing's accomplishments in radio, television etc....the American Entertainer of the 20th Century. RIP

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