Swaps and Sales » I am looking for certain Bing's Hollywood lp's. » Yesterday 1:00 pm


I had a set and then they got damaged in my apartment flood. 

They are hard to get, but I just got my last one as well last year or so.

Recording » Jamboree Jones » Yesterday 12:59 pm

Graham Pascoe wrote:

Your question inspired me to refer to Gary Giddins' first volume and I learned that Bing showed some talent as a junior footballer at Gonzaga high. The Super Bowl was telecast in Australia, as usual and when Taylor Swift's boyfriend flew to Sydney before she started her concerts in the harbour city our media loved that.

Interesting. I knew Bing played baseball and basketball but wasn't sure about football.

Member Introductions » Welcome STEPO! » Yesterday 12:58 pm

Please welcome our newest member STEPO!

Welcome and looking forward to your posts!

Recording » Jamboree Jones » 11/2/2024 7:04 pm

It's Super Bowl Sunday! I wonder if Jamboree Jones ever made it to the NFL?


Radio » Looking For KMH - November 2 & November 9, 1939 » 30/1/2024 12:51 am

Does anyone have a complete show of Bing's KMH show from November 2 and November 9?
I am looking for those episodes for a project I am involved in.

Thank you!

New and Re-issued materials » Swing and serenade: the Bing Crosby golf classics » 26/1/2024 1:15 pm

Yeah I'm a little bit disappointed as well. I'm not too wild about their marketing campaign, but any Bing is better than no Bing!

Radio » Holiday Inn - Radio Version: January 11, 1943 » 01/1/2024 9:15 pm

Here is a rarity. It is the radio version of the movie Holiday Inn from January 11, 1943. It was the Screen Actor's Guild Theatre starring Bing Crosby. Dinah Shore took over the Linda Mason role from Marjorie Reynolds. It's pretty interesting to cram a movie into 30 min!


Recording » O Little Town Of Bethlehem » 01/1/2024 8:58 pm

Ron Field wrote:

I’ve sent Christmas greetings to people with Bing’s recording of - The Secret of Christmas.
It is one of my favourite Bing Christmas songs.
This year no TV showing of White Christmas or Miracle on 34th. Street with Fred McMurray.
But then W.C. Is not one of my favourite films - Danny Kaye was over the top with feigning his war injury.
Just under 2 hours to Christmas Day here while New Zealand is in to it.
Greetings one and all.
Wet here in Sydney town.

I've seen Holiday Inn and White Christmas on the tele this season, but Holiday Inn is by far the more superior movie. I don't think Miracle on 34th Street was with Fred MacMurry - I think the gent in it was John Payne. The movie was on here in the states too.

Recording » O Little Town Of Bethlehem » 20/12/2023 2:15 pm

Thanks for the help! The version I keep finding by Bing is about a minute in length, but I thought I heard a longer version. It could be my brain making up things too!

Biography » Kathryn Crosby » 20/12/2023 2:14 pm

I was just curious how Kathryn Crosby was doing these days? She is 90 now.

Recording » O Little Town Of Bethlehem » 04/12/2023 9:07 pm

I could have sworn that Bing recorded O Little Town Of Bethlehem for Decca in the 1940s. It seems like he just recorded a short version in for the 1957 album Christmas Sing Around The World With Bing. I really could have sworn he recorded the whole song. Am I going crazy?

Also have you ever sworn you heard a record by somebody but then you find out you were dreaming? LOL

Recording » AI-Bing ? » 04/12/2023 9:03 pm

There are some Bing Crosby AI of singing Al Bowlly songs that are very good, but I feel it only works if a 1930s Bing sings to a 1930s song. There is an AI version of Bing singing Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You which is one of the worst things I have ever heard.

Here are some of the AI Bing singing Al Bowlly though...


Member Introductions » Welcome Yar68! » 25/11/2023 1:37 am

Welcome to the board Yar68!

Feel free to share anything you'd like about Bing Crosby!

Recording » Underrated Year: 1955 » 03/11/2023 2:04 am

I was digging out some of my Bing records from 1955, and it was an underrated year for Bing at Decca. He recorded some really nice and different recordings...


Recording » Bing Crosby Gems » 30/10/2023 1:49 pm

Here is the track listing for the album - I don't know if there is anything rare on it, but nice to see new issues of Bing!

1. Let It Snow!
2. Just What I Wanted For Christmas
3. O LIttle Town Of Bethlehem
4. How Lovely Is Christmas
5. Away In A Manger
6. Good King Wenceslas
7. The Night Before Christmas
8. Christmas Island (w. Kathryn Crosby)
9. Joy To The World
10. The Secret Of Christmas
11. White World Of Winter
12. A Marshmellow World (w. Ella Fitzgerald)
13. Christmas Star
14. Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy (w. David Bowie)

Others of Note » Presenting The Crosby Bros. » 30/10/2023 1:41 pm

Blonde56 wrote:

David, I always loved hearing the Crosby boys! They did have a nice sound! You can hear some Bing in their voices. Thanks for posting this.

I have the whole LP on a bootleg CD, and I agree. Their sound was pretty good. They came along too late on the scene though.

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