Film » How about movies? » 25/4/2022 1:08 pm

Ian Kerstein,
It's fair for me to say that I haven't  watched "The Country Girl" till the end either, but I'll definitely complete watching it sometime.

I'd like to offer my own ranking too, but it is really hard for me to decide in what order to place the movies. There are a lot of great ones in Bing's filmography, so... I'll make it some other time when I will feel more confident about the placing of the movies I am imagining.))

Film » How about movies? » 23/4/2022 8:10 am

Thanks a lot for your advice, Lobasco.
I think that your ranking is quite fair and these movies are really great.))

Film » How about movies? » 02/4/2022 8:02 am

Ok, that's quite strange, taking the fact that other Bing's shorts are avaliable into the account, but that's all right.
May be it will appear somewhere later.
I guess, we'll find out.

Thanks for the reply, Malcolm.))

Film » How about movies? » 01/4/2022 9:14 am

Now I change the main point of the topic.
I was trying to find Bing's movie "Just an Echo" (1934) and I couldn't find it anywhere.
Can somebody tell me veither it is even possible?

If it is, can you share a link?

Film » Who is your favorite leading lady that starred with Bing in the 1950s? » 09/3/2022 8:05 am

I think, you really should, it would be very interesting.))

There are quite a lot of beautiful and I dare to say, even extraordinary, leading ladies who starred with Bing in 1930s to choose from.
It sure would not be easy to pick one, but I'd give it a shot.))

Radio » A Bing Crosby Short Show For Thanksgiving » 25/11/2021 7:51 am

Thanks a lot once again for your work, Archiefit!

I'll be happy to listen to your special Thanksgiving shows, especially your special short Bing Crosby Shows, even though  there isn't a Thanksgiving in our country, but as you said there's always plenty to be thankful for!))

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 04/11/2021 3:15 am

And here we go again!
Another Bing video will be released on  November 5th (tomorrow).
Here is the link:

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 22/10/2021 3:42 am

Bing will have another new music video!
We'll be able to watch it here:
I'm glad that people from vevo keep making such videos.

Maybe it'll become a beautiful annual tradition.))


Film » Movie Of A Month Club » 17/10/2021 2:37 am

I think that's a really good idea.
It's always interesting to talk about Bing's movies, so I'd be happy to join in too.

Announcements » BING meeting in Warrington, UK, this coming December. » 11/10/2021 11:48 am

I wish I could attend the meeting too, but unfortunately there is absolutely no way to do it, because I'm living really far from United Kingdom and also there is a possibility that I'll be working on 4th December.))

Maybe it'll be possible for me to go some other time.))

Radio » Bing's Back On Library of Sound Vol 35 With a June 8, 1956 Show! » 01/10/2021 7:49 am

Another great upload by Archiefit!

Thanks a lot for your work and for sharing it with us!))

Radio » Time For More New Bing (August 7, 1956) from Library of Sound Vol. 26 » 22/8/2021 1:19 am

Thanks a lot again, Archiefit.
I think that ypu're doing a grreat job finding these old radio shows and making Sounds Like Radio.))
Really, thank you very much.))) 

Radio » More Classic Bing Shows from 1956 » 13/8/2021 1:20 am

Archiefit, thanks a lot for your work. It is always a great pleasure to listen to your Sounds Like Radio shows.

Film » The Big Broadcast » 25/7/2021 1:57 am

I think so too.

There are a lot of interesting information in this video and the movie itself is really beautiful. I like Bing's song in it, expecially "Here Lies Love". But it will be fair to say that "Please" is a great hit and I like it too.))

Thanks a lot for sharing David Duncan's review, Malcolm!

New and Re-issued materials » VIDEO - AN ESSENTIAL BING CROSBY BIBLIOGRAPHY » 02/7/2021 1:19 am

Thanks a lot, Anton G.-F.!
I asked David Lobosco about books written about Bing nearly a year ago, so it is really interesting for me to know other opinions on this topic.
Also I need to say that you made a very interesting video-research (if I can call it so) and made something like reviews (or plot summaries) on each book, so it will be really helpful for me and all other Bing's fans.)))

Radio » A New Bing Short Show Now Up & Ready » 29/6/2021 12:29 am

Thanks a lot, Archiefit!
I'm really glad to hear from you again.))
Pleasant news from you as always.))

Radio » A Bing Crosby Shortie Show Now Featured On Sounds Like Radio! » 17/6/2021 5:02 am

Thanks a lot for your amazing work, Archiefit!
It is always a great pleasure for me to listen to your "Sounds Like Radio" and I am really glad that there are more resources where I can find this show now!)))
P.S.: Also that's good that Bing is still nearly in every episode and I already told you a couple of times that I like the choice of songs that you make, because it's always very nice and sutable.)))

Biography » Bing interview from 1971 » 11/6/2021 6:36 am

Quite an interesting find!
I do not listen to Bing from 70s very often, but that's nice to listen to him talking about all the things that everyboody want to know at one time. A lot of issues were covered in the interview, so I wonder if there is more interviews like this one.)))
Thanks a lot, Malcolm!

Radio » Bing Appearing Weekly On Sounds Like Radio » 05/3/2021 6:41 am

Dear Archiefit,

I'm really happy to hear from you again!
It's always a great pleasure to listen to "The Great Gildersleeve" and to the music you choose for your "Sounds Like Radio". I think, I can consider myself a fan of this show.
It happened only because of you and I'm glad it is so.)))
Thank you very much!

Tom Joe Mortel

Announcements » Things to watch this week » 25/1/2021 9:53 am

Dear Malcolm,
Thank you very much for saing that!

Film » Unknown Rhythm Boys film song discovered » 15/1/2021 7:26 am

Dear Malcolm,
I have no idea how you find this, but the song is great and that's a pity that so little we really know about Bing's early years and as The Rhythm Boys Bing, Al Rinker and Harry Barris were usually uncredited (like their songs) in films.
But I'm glad that we know at least something and can find out more, even about times when he wasn't popular at all.
Thanks a lot, Malcolm!

Radio » Radio with Bing & so much more » 14/1/2021 8:45 am

Dear Archiefit,
I'm really happy that you keep on uploading "Sunds Like Radio" shows.
I'm enjouing listening to each of the episodes very much, because you have a great taste on music and some of Bing's songs, which are included on "Sounds Like Radio" (I already told you about that, but there is no way not to mention that again) and "The Great Gildersleeve" is a funny and interesting show.
They don't make them like that anymore.

General Discussion » CHRISTMAS 2020 AND NEW YEAR WISHES » 25/12/2020 12:46 pm

My dear friends,

I agree with everything that was said earlier and can not say anything more (sometimes it happens).
I think that 2020 was the year that will stay in history and maybe we will all be asked how was it and how it happend so that we survived.
I am sure that Bing would say that if now something (or a lot of things) is (are) not allright, everything will be allright sometime.
He would say that he feels sorry about all the troubles and pain that the humanity faces because of the pandemia, but before he will make some jokes half-funny, half-sad, about everything that happened and still happens.
And also he would sing "White Christmas" and some other beautiful Christmas songs to make everything comfortable.
Now I want to ask you to be positive anyway because there is someting good in every situation.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Stay well and may all your New Years dreams come true Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas (yes, that's from Sinatra's "Christmas Waltz")!
May your days be merry, and bright and may all your Christmases be white!

Tom Joe Mortel

Recording » VIDEOCAST - Our Favorite Bing Crosby Songs » 15/12/2020 10:44 am

Thanks a lot!
It is really interesting video, Anton!
Happy holidays to you, too!

Announcements » Winter Wonderland Animated Music Video to Premiere Tomorrow » 13/12/2020 7:57 am

Now it won't be a mistake to say that soon Bing's "Mele Kalikimaka" (animated video) will be on youtube.)))

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