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Between the internet, "Cronological" and "Through the years" CD's, really no Bing release is unavaliable and any serious fan is able to to get a copy. But this doesn't really matter. For example Robert Johnson 78's have sold for $1000+ but anyone can buy his entire recorded output on a CD for less than $20. Generally the CD would sound better than most of the few remaining 78's.

I would also point out that any artist of merit would have had private records, out takes, master tapes and other memorabilia that would be unavaliable to the general public.

Really I'm refering to comercial releases (in this case to 78 format) which should be avaliable on the second hand market but for various reasons almost never show up. These for me define a rare 78.

For me though the 78's are important because these are the format that were released when Bing first recorded them and all subsequent releases until the advent of magnetic tape were copied from the 78. There is nothing quite like putting the 78 on the turntable and hearing Bing come through via an 80+ year old disc.

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When I Emailed Richard about about joining the Bing Crosby fan forum my main question was how many 78's did Bing release?

Richard replied

78s were being issued until 1957 and Morgereth lists 1161 titles in that format. A very few of these - almost wholly from the years as a band vocalist would have had non Bing titles in the pair but all from the time he went solo will have been paired with other Bing Titles. This ignores issues with different "takes" of which there are quite a few.  It is fair to assume therefore that there are around 580 discs. HOWEVER, many were reissued in different pairings and I know of some titles that appeared on anything up to 18 different 78 issues. And that is before you look at non US/ UK issues - there were Indian, Australian and South African issues as well as a few European. A complete collection of all variations would run to thousands (and would probably be impossible to assemble). 

So the discussion turned to the possiblity of obtaining a complete 78 collection of Bings recorded output. But then Richard went on to write that despite many of Bings records selling in the millions, a number of his records, his early brunswick records, are actually very rare and are known to exist in the 10's or less.

I was suprised by this so my question is - What is Bing Crosby's rarest 78 rpm release? Obviously a definitive answer is impossible but number of possiblities could be disscussed. I would exclude radio transcription discs and any record that didn't list Bing on the label.

This would help me in a practical sense as I would know which records to keep an eye out for.

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Hi there. My name is Morgan. I've been collecting 78's since about 2007 and I've mannaged to accumulation about 5000 of them. I love all kinds of the older style music especially pre-war music.

I really started listning to Bing through his 78's that I managed to pick up. Up till recently I had about 60 but recently I bought about about 1200 ex radio station 78's which includes about 450 Bing records. Interestingly enough there were many early Brunswick records.

I've been cleaning and playing these records and very much enjoyed listning to them. A clean 78 played on a modern system with a correct stylus can sound amazing, nothing like their crackly, scratchy reputation.

But the limited information supplied by the label means that for me raises  a number of intriging questions which perhaps the members of this forum might ber happy to answer.

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