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Tony Martin - I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance

I have been looking for Tony Martin's 1942 version of the Bing classic "I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance" and finally found it on an old Decca 78rpm. Tony does a nice version of a favorite song of mine...



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Re: Tony Martin - I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance

I congratulate you for your never ending vigilance to find the odd, the wierd and the obscure.   Mostly I must say you go the extra mile I wouldn't go in my search for the even odder and more obscure records by people I like, that is collecting 78's.   I haven't collected a 78 since the mid '80's, they take up too much room, too dirty and generally sound scratchy. 

Though I will tell you this, I long ago had 78's of Bing's Decca records and anytime I compared them to the official CD version, the 78 always sounded more live and "present" than the CD version.  The 78 had more scratch sound but the sound of Bing's voice was so much more real and "live" than the well processed remastered "noise reduction" system used on the official CDs.   But I'd never go back to touching another 78 (I recorded those 78's onto CD myself back then and my CD recordings of those old 78's still have that same "live & present" feel that the "official" CD versions just can't duplicate.   But I'd still take a CD over any album anytime.   I do still collect the odd and obscure albums though, esp. so when it's not available on CD.   I could give you examples but I don't want to boar everyone.

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Re: Tony Martin - I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance

Thanks Lee.

I don't actively seek out LPs or 78rpms anymore but if there is a recording I can't find any other place I will pick it up if the price is right. I laugh though when I go on Ebay and see a 78rpm of White Christmas for $50! 

I just discovered a new site. I think the webpage is archive.org where people have uploaded recordings, and I have found some rare recordings in pretty good sound so that saves me buying a 78! 

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