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We've Got Another Bond to Buy

Nice copy of US Department of Treasury promo film for the WWII Victory Loan (42364).
"Presented by the Special Events Section of the United States Dept. of Treasury, this short film is a promo for the Victory Loan Program in 1945. The film presents an overview of the motion pictures created to promote the Victory Loans — war bond sales — to continue financing the war effort. The films promoted include "Peace Comes to America", "Stilwell Road", "Objective Security", "Diary of a Sergeant", and more. The film ends with the song "We've Got Another Bond to Buy" sung by Bing Crosby. "



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Re: We've Got Another Bond to Buy

Gee, that was interesting Frans. During the War those films and records which Bing made including' We have another bond to buy' were used in Australia to promote our government's loans. In 1945 our Prime Minister had a commemorative plaque displaying our nation's coat-of-arms made for Bing as a gesture of thanks.


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Re: We've Got Another Bond to Buy

While working at Hoyt’s Theatres in the advertising department, on top of the Century Theatre in Sydney, the record department was on our floor.
Vera Turner was in charge and we could hear records being played through parts of the day.
They were being tested then sent to suburban theatres.
Vera was having a cleanup in the mid 1950’s and she gave me two Bing 78’s - I think everyone and anyone who knows me or met me knew I was a mad Bing fan.
The 78’s were - Buy Buy Buy a Bond and We have another bond to buy.
I still have one of those 78’s but the other got caught up I think amongst a heap of 78’s I got rid of.
Oh, ‘Man on Fire’ was on TCM today.
Another ‘oh’. At Hoyts my  Advertising  boss was Cliff Holt - brother of PM Harold Holt.
Cliff died in 1967 and Harold drowned in 1967-9 months apart.
I am in contact with Cliff’s daughters.


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