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John Salisbury radio series.

Hello everyone

I don’t know whether anyone can help with this, but following Frans’ recent suggestion regarding topics for articles for “Bing” magazine, I’m preparing a “mini-series” of short articles dealing with individual radio treatments of Bing’s life and career over the decades.

I’ve got the BBC Roy Plomley and Douglas Fairbanks Jr series on disc as well as Gord Atkinson’s series. Malcolm has recommended that I listen to John Salisbury’s US series from 1973, but I don’t have access to it. They used to be in the audio vault of bingcrosby.com, but they’ve been taken down. The Michigan State Library link doesn’t appear to work outside the US. Does anyone have these files and, if so, would they be prepared to share them with me?

A private message via this board or a direct message to me at jeremyrose45@hotmail.com would be much appreciated. I would also like to hear of any other series members might be aware of.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: John Salisbury radio series.

Hi Jeremy,

I have called the library at Michigan State University, and they have told me that apparently it's just a broken link, and they think it can be fixed. The person who should be able to fix it (the head of the Voice Library) wasn't in his office at the moment, but he should be back soon. I have his name and phone number and will follow up soon. I will let you know if the link can be foxed so that you may be able to listen to the John Salisbury show (and me, too, because I'd love to hear it!).




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Re: John Salisbury radio series.

Hi Anton

Thanks so much for going to all that trouble... I’ll wait to hear from you.

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Re: John Salisbury radio series.

Hullo Jeremy. I haven't copies of the BBC or Salisbury programs but I have some information on Australian radio broadcasts of series about Bing's life. If you look at BING magazine's No. 168 (page 28) you'll see part of my letter refers to the BBC 's and Gord Atkinson's series on the air in Australia. In addition, in May 1949 the Sydney radio station 2UW began a weekly series titled THE BING CROSBY STORY on Friday evenings. Locally produced, it was narrated by an actor Reg Goldsworthy as Bing's speaking voice and a local singer Johnny Kellock sang Bing's songs. It was the first dramatisation of Bing's life story on Australian radio.

Incidentally, each week in 1949,a Sydney listener could tune in to 192 minutes of radio programs which played only Bing Crosby records, from six radio stations. In Melbourne, the figure was an astonishing 287 minutes per week, once again by six stations.

I hope that's helpful.


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Re: John Salisbury radio series.

Hello Graham

Thanks for that. Great stuff... I’ll certainly look up your letter in “Bing” 168. It’s always a pleasure to read your meticulously-researched letters and articles about Bing’s presence and influence on the entertainment scene in Australia.


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