05/12/2018 8:27 pm  #101

Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

Paul, I was a Paymaster and you wouldn't wish Paul Bock to receive your pay etc.


05/12/2018 9:28 pm  #102

Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

I do not think that this is an appropriate forum for discussion about the finer points of usage of language.

I would have thought however that in this theater/theatre debate it matters not a jot which form is used so long as there is consistency within the book/article/whatever EXCEPT if quoting the titles of establishments, when surely there should be conformity to the style of the business in question. (I once worked for a business which had numerous subsidiaries with very similar names. Correct usage was critical!)  

I hope that this matter may rest.



06/12/2018 11:59 pm  #103

Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

I thought the issue was solved and dropped weeks ago when I last stated my opinion on it.   But thanks for bringing it all up again just to remind us not to speak about what we already stopped speaking about.  http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/shout.png


07/12/2018 5:41 am  #104

Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

Thanks to those who posted reviews of Giddins' book. Santa Claus will bring my copy.


11/12/2018 5:23 am  #105

Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

Just finished the chapter on his entertaining in war torn France. Really enjoyed it.
I thought that I had read/heard that both Bing and Fred travelled together into German held territory for a couple of minutes but the book says it was just Bing and his driver.
So good that Gary had acces to Bing's notes.
Well done!


11/12/2018 11:58 pm  #106

Re: Gary Giddins - Volume Two

The book was excellent, so I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

I gained respect for Bing in some aspects but then I lost respect in other aspects of his life.

The book showed Bing for the talent he was as well as the flawed man he sometimes was. I loved it and I hope sales are good enough for volume 3!


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