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More Bing Memorabilia Added to Web Page

I hope that by now everyone has begun reading Gary Giddins's Swinging On a Star: The War Years, 1940-46. As a third and final volume depends on how well this volume sells, be sure to buy copies for friends and family for Christmas as well! 

To help commemorate the occasion of the release of this much anticipated book (in my own small way), I've added several new photos to my Bing Memorabilia web page. Many of them are from the War Years, and many have never been published before.

Enjoy. And happy reading! 



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Re: More Bing Memorabilia Added to Web Page

Some wonderful stuff there Jon.


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Re: More Bing Memorabilia Added to Web Page

Thank you Jon O. Very interesting. http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png


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