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The Official Home Of Bing Crosby

Some 24 hours ago I posted a message drawing attention to the revamped new look site run by Bing Crosby Enterprises. It seems I had stumbled on a beta test version and was being premature.

Judy Schmid of Bing Crosby Enterprises asked that I remove reference to it, which I was pleased to do, though I suspect that the links were possibly only temporarily open anyway.

It seems that the site has now been formally launched, with reference to it on Bing's Facebook.  It's quite impressive and we are promised more developments in the future. Click on the link above to explore it. It's got some nice streaming audio as well.

The Facebook page is now using a new picture of Bing, for which I'm grateful - I think the old one was not really representative of most people's memories.

So we are celebrating Bing's birthday in some style - a new streaming radio station dedicated to him (see separate thread), and a relaunched 'Home'.

Some of us had been expecting announcements of more goodies - CDs or DVDs of material from the archive in that fabulous basement, but we can't have everything at once.


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Re: The Official Home Of Bing Crosby

That is great news! I just looked it over and I agree with the new photo. Will celebrate Bing's birthday this evening by playing the "His Legendary Years" box set.

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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Re: The Official Home Of Bing Crosby

The new or revamped site 'The Official Home Of Bing Crosby' has been running for three days now. I would imagine that most of fans have explored it pretty thoroughly by now.

I'd be interested in any views or comments. Does it cover things you might have hoped for?
How well?
Is there anything you might have expected that is not covered or promised - (there are some pages to be developed).   

Are the audio streams well chosen?

What of the material in the Audio, Video and Photo 'vaults' ? (which from private communications I have had seem to have stirred up interest).

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Re: The Official Home Of Bing Crosby

Has no one any views about the revamped 'Official Home of Bing Crosby' ?  Really?

They have added what they say is 'a few hundred more songs' to the streaming audio. I don't know how many were there from the start but a few hundred is pretty good - It'll keep you going for a goodly number of hours.

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