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High Tor

Just announced - an issue of "High Tor" from the CBS TV production on CD. 
Issued many years ago on LP and since unavailable.
Issue date stated to be 8 December but "in stock" mid November, which is a bit ambiguous. 

THE BIG POINT HERE IS THE LIMIT TO 500 COPIES so better get orders in.

The big regret here is that although Bing and Julie Andrews (at the start of her adult career) both appear, they don't have any duets. Julie had previously appeared on radio in UK as a child/ teenager but at this time was appearing on Broadway in "The Boy Friend" and of course went on to star in "My Fair Lady" on Broadway and London.


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Re: High Tor

Thanks for that - great news. Already pre-ordered. The only access I’ve had to “High Tor” up ‘til now is a pretty ropey i-tunes release with plenty of LP “swish” in evidence!

(I’ve also just spotted that “High Tor” was first broadcast five days before I was born!)


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Re: High Tor

jeremyrose wrote:

(I’ve also just spotted that “High Tor” was first broadcast five days before I was born!)

Must be one of the newer fellas!
I was already a seasoned fan.

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Re: High Tor

I have it on VHS and poor quality too. Didn't go much on it but maybe because of the poor quality and perhaps with a decent presentation it might be more enjoyable.


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Re: High Tor

This "newer fella" is very happy to be sharing this thread with two illustrious "seasoned fans"!

(I seem to remember that Ron first met Bing in '56 or '57...)


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Re: High Tor

Looks like this must be a soundtrack recording of the TV broadcast, not the Decca album which you can hear and see right here:

I bought this album many years ago, they re-released it and I believe mine may the re-release version as the quality is high.  But if you want to hear the Decca album you can find it on the link, it's different than the TV soundtrack.


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Re: High Tor

But this leaves the main question, in the year 2017 why is it they are only releasing a TV soundtrack, not the TV show itself.  Technology has now moved beyond just soundtrack recordings of TV shows, the TV show itself can now be released.


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Re: High Tor

Great news! I’ve just placed my order. Hope it’s here in time for our Warrington Chrosby Christmas gathering...


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Re: High Tor

BTW I too have the re-issued LP, from the 1980s I think...


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Re: High Tor

1957 the first time. A couple of other times after that plus phone conversations.


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Re: High Tor

It appears this release is the Decca LP. If you follow Richard's link and read the 3rd paragraph:

"Despite the lukewarm reaction from critics, an album featuring the songs and story of 'High Tor' was issued by Decca. The album effectively abridges the story of the 90 minute broadcast, interspersing dialogue from the soundtrack with studio recordings of the song score performed by the stars of 'High Tor'; Bing Crosby, Julie Andrews and Everett Sloane. The songs and story album of 'High Tor' now makes its debut on CD."


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Re: High Tor

Jim Determan wrote:

It appears this release is the Decca LP. 

Jim, That is right. They have split the tracks into the narrative and song components to make 22 tracks from the 11 on the LP and added two versions of "When You're In Love" from elsewhere.

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Re: High Tor

That is interesting, I had thought this was an actual soundtrack recording of the TV show, but this is the record version.   Actually if this is true it's better news than if it were just a TV soundtrack as the Decca album itself has not been released before on CD!!   I made a CD myself of my album some years back and you can also hear someone's posting of it on You Tube, but this is a great opportunity for anyone who'd like this on CD.

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Re: High Tor

My research (undertaken in 2001 and 2002) suggests that HIGH TOR was not shown on Australian television.


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