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BING magazine

Many of you are wondering what's happened to the spring issue. UK members should receive their copies next week. Perry Huntoon, who will be distributing the USA copies, is away from home at present and will not be back until May 8. So USA members will probably have to wait until mid-May for their copies. My apologies for this but the problems with so many USA members not renewing promptly meant that Wig has had to send out many letters chasing non-payers before he could confidently say how many copies he needed for his members. In turn we could not tell the printer how many magazines he should print overall until we had Wig's input. 

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Re: BING magazine

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Re: BING magazine

And tomorrow ( from where I'm writing in Australia) is birthday day for our man.


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Re: BING magazine

The summer issue of BING magazine is now being distributed. See http://www.bingmagazine.co.uk/bingmagazine/BING176.html for further details.

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Re: BING magazine

Just received mine. About to open the envelope.


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