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La Vie En Rose

Today I was listening to La Vie En Rose play in a coffee shop and left and punched it up on YouTube, Bing's version, in English.

I have the French version but can't find what album the English version is on! I was really taken with it and would like to add it to my library. Anybody able to provide the answer?


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Re: La Vie En Rose

I've got the English version on two CDs - Vol. 51 of the Jonzo "Chronological Bing Crosby", which is unfortunately out of print, and the Golden Gate Collection "16 Original World Hits", which also contains the "new" alternate take of "A Gal in Calico".

The Jonzo isn't among the "Chronologicals" currently listed on eBay UK, alas, but the "16 Original World Hits" is here...


Although the album cover isn't shown in the listing, this is where I sourced my copy.

Hope this helps...


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Re: La Vie En Rose

Thanks! Oh the disappointment that the track isn't more easily obtainable! It seems 51 isn't available on eBay in the USA either and 16 World Hits would run me about 20 dollars too much for my infatuation over one song but I will be keeping my eyes out and appreciate your providing some sources!

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Re: La Vie En Rose

I'm surprised that this song is so hard to find.  I remember a "special edition" of "Le Bing" the original album turned into commercial CD release and I thought that would have had the English version of song in question.  But when I checked it  out, it didn't!   You'd think that'd be a natural for a "bonus track".   I created a CD many years ago combining both the "Le Bing" album & also the more English friendly and therefore my favorite of the 2, the "Bing In Paris" album.   That latter album DOES have the English version of La Vie En Rose.   If you want to buy the album version of BING IN PARIS I found it available on Amazon, this album has the song in English:

I don't know why though when whoever decided to release Le Bing commercially on CD that they did not also include the album Bing In Paris, it's a natural 2 Fer CD release idea, that's why I did it years ago.  Here's how the album looks:

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Re: La Vie En Rose

I agree! I'm baffled this song is hard to come by and agree that the inclusion on Le Bing would have made a LOT of sense! On the hand I imagine there are LOTS of songs that are equally as difficult to get ahold of on CD or digital download! 

Sadly the estate has a challenge rekindling interest in Bing's work and legacy. It is really sad to think there could be a point in time where Bing's music is lost to the annuals of history. 

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Re: La Vie En Rose

It's a beautiful number.

I just uploaded it:

Let me know if there are any other rare numbers you are looking for!

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