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1962 alternate take of 'Winter Wonderland'

Capitol Records appears to have released an alternate take of Bing's recording of "Winter Wonderland" from his 1962 Christmas LP. (Perhaps inadvertently?)

The recording can be heard on this YouTube page, and appears to be a 2004 remastering released on a various-artists Capitol compilation called "Christmas Classics" (not to be confused with the reissue of the entire 1962 Bing album under that name): 

Anyone familiar with that record will immediately recognize the difference - the voice sounds more natural, with far less reverb and echo than has always been present in the mix of the original 1962 LP. The backup orchestration and chorus also sounds differently remixed.

But it's not just a different remix - it's clearly a different take. You can tell at a number of points, including at the end, where Bing does not hold the final "-land" for long. (It almost sounds like this was an early or rehearsal take.)

Anyone know anything more about this? I poked around the board and the discography and didn't see this discussed, so figured I would bring it up.


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Re: 1962 alternate take of 'Winter Wonderland'


Searching around the detail of different takes interests me and I agree with you. Timings are different and phrasing differs. A little difficult to describe and on first hearing I cannot point to anything that is a stand out smoking gun, but it is different.

Congratulations on a very interesting find. 


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Re: 1962 alternate take of 'Winter Wonderland'

Fascinating indeed...

A similar thing happened a few years ago when an alternate take of "Exactly Like You" found its way on to the remastered re-release of "Bing With a Beat".


(I hope the link works - you'll see it was posted on youtube by something called "Officiel Seniors Musik"!)



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