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Noel Neill

Just read an obit in the Sydney Morning Herald via The Telegraph, London.
She was the original Lois Lane. Born November 1920, just died.
Anyway. Bing gets a mention as she sang at Del Mar, told Larry and appeared in Road to Utopia.
Anyway, read the obit in the SMH.
Another person that Bing helped.


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Re: Noel Neill

I do not remember seeing Noel Neill on "Road To Utopia" and she is not credited in my books of Bing's films. But she did have decent billing in "Here Come The waves" (about 6th or 7th) and was very recognizable as the actress who would become Lois Lane in the Superman films and TV shows.


19/7/2016 7:34 am  #3

Re: Noel Neill

Thanks Ron. I wonder who will be the next Lois Lane.


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