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The final Leeds meeting

The ICC meeting went very well last weekend. 59 people attended on the Sunday and there were 22 at the meal on the Saturday night. Mavis Heason made a wonderful cake to commemorate the occasion. The meeting closed with Bing singing "Auld Lang Syne" as all present linked arms.


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Re: The final Leeds meeting

Thanks to Malcolm and Michael for the lead up work they do prior to the gathering.
Malcolm must spend many many hours putting the programme together. Once again thank you Bingcerely.
Nice to meet up with some folks from previous years and also newer Bing friends for the first time from Austria and The Nederlands and local UK folk.
The cake was wonderful.


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Re: The final Leeds meeting

Incidentally, the photo on the cake was originally done by Jon Oye. He colorized a black and white photo which we used as the cover on BING#146 (summer 2007).

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