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Who is a deserving modern comparison to Bing?

A post heas appeared on a blog here http://www.westseattleherald.com/2015/01/12/features/pats-view-%E2%80%9Crequiem-kalakala%E2%80%9D 
which states the Bing was the Justin Bieber of his time.

It's nice to see any comment about Bing (as long as it is positive), and even better to have a sound clip (in this case "The Black Ball Ferry Line"), but I am almost tempted to ask "who is Justin Bieber?". Clearly the writer has no concept whatever of the relative importance of Bing. Equivalent to how many Justin Biebers I wonder.

Who might be a deserving modern comparison? And bear in mind the multiple facets of Bing's career in film, radio, records (and, yes, latterly TV and stage), and the length of his time at the top.  



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