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Whose Dream Are You

This 1945 record by Bing and the great Les Paul has been stuck in my head for weeks. I think it is very underrated among Crosby records - in my opinion...


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Re: Whose Dream Are You

I couldn't agree more, David - this is a very under-rated track. It always sounds to me like Bing, Les and the rhythm section had some spare time at the end of the recording session and took themselves off to a quiet corner of the studio to make music for their own enjoyment...
Bing also indulges in some lovely long-breathed phrasing in this number - something you don't often hear from him at this stage of his career...
Thanks for the post, David...


16/9/2015 6:36 am  #3

Re: Whose Dream Are You

Did not know there was a recording of this. Only place  I knew it from was command performance 45-02-15 Dick Tracy in b Flat where bing sings it.



16/9/2015 10:49 pm  #4

Re: Whose Dream Are You

I guess the popularity of their hit version of "It's Been a Long, Long Time" pretty much overshadowed everything else they cut together. The quality of "Whose Dream Are You" makes me wish that Bing and Les Paul had recorded a whole album together, something like Dean Martin's relaxed, small-group LP Dream with Dean, which Martin made for Reprise in the early '60s using a very similar instrumental lineup. I feel like this kind of musical setting is perfect for Bing's voice, and Les Paul is such a sympathetic guitar accompanist that it's really a match made in heaven. It's too bad that people weren't thinking in terms of albums yet in the 1940s, and it's a pity that nobody thought of pairing Bing and Les up for a full-length album later on in their careers. It would have been, I am sure, a very satisfying LP...


17/9/2015 8:29 am  #5

Re: Whose Dream Are You

Bing caresses the words and he gives a superbly relaxed performance.

I agree it has been overlooked and overshadowed to the degree that it has rarely been the subject of reissues. 

But still available in both takes A and C on Chronological Crosby Volume 39.

Thank you David for reminding me of it, a real gem. But there are so many other gems that are overshadowed by the "big hits" in the reissue lists.

Personally I love exploring the radio shows, both to experience variations in performance compared with the studio recorded versions, and also the items never the subject of commercial recordings, So much there to find or be reminded of - - 



30/9/2015 4:11 am  #6

Re: Whose Dream Are You

It's strange how a song can get 'on your brain' isn't it and I can now understand whay this recording would do just that.


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