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Wikipedia Album entries

Malcolm Macfarlane has been busy. Very busy. He has been working through Bing's albums and entering much background about recording, issues, the reception at the time of issue and much else, including album covers, on Wikipedia.

This link gives a listing of some of the items he has covered. A good way to browse through is to select an album from the list then browse forward and backward amongst them by using the "Bing Crosby Chronology" links in the box at the right hand side. Wonderful stuff!

Not all the entries are Malcolm's as someone else unknown to me but identified as Utzdman55 has also been active, but most are Malcolm's.

He has also created an entry for ICC and updated/ revised those for Phillip Crosby and The Rhythm Boys 

The entries on albums make very interesting reading. Malcolm has clearly put a lot of time into this work and he tells me he is doing more.

Utzdman55, if you are out there please come forward. You are clearly a dedicated fan.


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