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I watched Mississippi last night and decided to look up the cast. I had no idea Ann Sheridan had a bit part in movie. She is one of the school girls. You can spot her in the scene before the dance. In case someone don't know who she is, remember Angels with Dirty Faces[she is the leading lady]. She is in many movies and died young of lung cancer, she was a heavy smoker. Getting back to the film, one of the gamblers is Frances McDonald. Frances is in many movies, he is the man who dies in the mud pit in the Ten Commandments. And Joan Bennet the leading lady in Mississippi was married 4 times. While she was married to Walter Wanger she cheated on him. She was fooling around with her agent and Walter caught them. Walter shot the agent in the groin and went to jail for 4 months. I just thought I'd share these little tid bits with you. Knowing you Bingers out there, you probably knew all of this already.

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Re: Mississippi

Poor Ann only 51.
Mississippi is one of my Favourite Bing filmd. Bing was a bit podgy in this film but with W. C. Fields (note, he has the 'S' at the end, I don't), who heard comments after a screening of 'isn't he so wonderful, or words to that effect, that he felt smug until the girls/women said, I could listen to him sing forever. There were 4 great songs, really 5 including Swanee River in the film and one of my all time Favourites is 'Down By The River'.
In an interview with Malcolm by Anne Hopper I requested that song.


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