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Meditations on White Christmas

Some interesting thoughts on "White Christmas" film and song, from the University Of Wyoming here



11/12/2014 3:26 pm  #2

Re: Meditations on White Christmas

It is an interesting and thoughtful article, and, Richard, "meditation" certainly seems to be the exactly right writing category to apply to it. It invites the reader to go along a pathway of thought...and perhaps continue down it after the close of the article.  Some readers might know Irving Berlin was a Jew and continue following their own wonder at how he wrote a song so meaningful to Christians.  Others, might partly object to the author's point that there is no religion in the song, calling it "spiritual" nonetheless, and then continue examining their own evidence of that.  If we had read this piece as a journalistic or historical article, we might demand that points such as those, and perhaps others, were included, but I think this was intended much more to be a thought and discussion "starter."  Thanks for posting the link!


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