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Hot Club of Spokane

Just had this email and it may be of interest;

Dear International Club Crosby:
Hot Club of Spokane is an organization of musicians dedicated to the preservation of jazz, swing, and blues. We work and perform mostly in Spokane, WA where Bing Crosby grew up.
We're trying to "kickstart" a debut CD project that will celebrate the music of Bing, as well as our two other jazz icons from Spokane, Al Rinker and Mildred Bailey. The CD will feature music from the repertoires of all three, plus the Rhythm Boys/Paul Whiteman Orchestra.
As you'll see in the short video describing the project on our kickstarter page, there's a great need for this in Spokane. When people were asked if they could name a Bing Crosby tune that was NOT a Christmas song, they couldn't. (follow the link below)
Could you forward this project on to your members/readers and encourage them to support us? Basically, kickstarter allows them to pre-order a copy of the CD (plus some fun Christmas downloads) and so on. This helps us pay for top quality arrangements and studio time so that we can put together a great CD.
Thanks so much for the work you do to preserve and extend the legacy of Bing Crosby. We're excited to join the work you do!
Here is the link to our project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hotclubofspokane/hot-club-of-spokanes-cd-celebrates-bing-mildred-an
Take care,
Garrin Hertel
Publisher | Nostalgia Magazine
Bandleader | Hot Club of Spokane


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Re: Hot Club of Spokane

Had another email. Looks like they have got things moving well.

<<Thanks for the support you gave back in December for our project here in Spokane. Things are coming together, and I thought I'd send a link to the event preview. I'm not sure that anyone internationally would come to Spokane for this event, but I suppose one never knows.  
Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kxs3PofCzLA 
Thanks again, and take care,Garrin>>

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Re: Hot Club of Spokane

Now have further details of the CD.

<<The CD is available at Band Camp. You can listen online at http://hotclubofspokane.bandcamp.com/releases. Here is a video from the CD release. We have an encore show in December at the Bing Crosby Theater.http://youtu.be/0mpd4u7slK4 >>

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Re: Hot Club of Spokane

I loved that 'Happy feet' video; especially interesting to see that photos of Spokane's landmarks.


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