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Re: Remembering Bing

I'm arranging for another Bing and Errol feature. Was planning for Sunday 14th. October but the Roxy already has something scheduled so I will be having it on Sunday 7th. October at 2.00pm.
Will be screening Errol's first ever film - In Wake of the Bounty. He plays Fletcher Christian who was later played by Clark Gable.
For Bing I'll be showing his six Mack Sennett shorts.
On 3rd. March at the Roxy at 7.00pm is - World of Dance. I am going to be the MC and guess what my introduction music is going to be (hopefully) is Bing singing 'All You Want To Do Is Dance'.
There are two versions on YouTube - recording and the film clip.


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Re: Remembering Bing

Saturday night 3rd. March at the Roxy Theatre, Morton, Wa, USA, we presented the 1st. Annual World of Dance.
Various types of dance was preformed.
I was MC and as an introduction to the evening performance I had Bing singing - All You Want To Do Is Dance.

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Re: Remembering Bing

On the subject of dancing, on my weekly radio program this morning I played Fred Astaire's version of  'I won't dance'. I wonder if Bing sang it.


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