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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL with thanks for encouragement and support.

The old year comes to an end but this discussion forum is only just over a month old. It was not my initiative to set it up but I did take it over at an early stage, so it is for me to thank all who have ‘signed up’ and thank even more those who have been active posters.  I have had several private notes of encouragement and support for which I am very grateful, and I have seen mentions of this site elsewhere on the 'net'.  Again my thanks to any here who took that initiative.

There has been a remarkable increase in momentum over the last week with several new names jumping aboard, and I hope that all will be able to spread the word.

I have posted a lot.  Possibly too much.  That was necessary with a small membership but I hope that extra numbers will enable me to be less prominent.  I do not wish for this forum to be a mere mouthpiece for me: my hope and aim is for it to be a means by which all members of the ‘Crosby Community’ may come together to share information,  exchange views and opinions, and combine,  where interests coincide, in research. 

Even now I am aware of projects being run by various individuals or groups involving the Kraft Music Hall radio shows, alternate studio takes and some aspects of the General Electric and Chesterfield Radio shows.  I hope that in course of time these will reach fruition and the results made available to all in appropriate ways.

So, again, my thanks to all and an expression of hope and confidence in the year to come.  Very best wishes for the New Year, with the hope that all may be able to continue to enjoy the legacy left by Bing.  I trust that those who are sufficiently attuned to that legacy will be able to participate in an active way to promote it.

And successful though the genre was for Bing, do remember that Bing is not just for Christmastime.  He lasts the whole year through.

Richard Baker


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Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL with thanks for encouragement and support.

A Happy New Year to you, Richard, and to all subscribers to this board!   May it grow and flourish through 2011!

Devotee of 'the art that conceals art' which of course Bing epitomised.

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