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Anyone here ever have endovascular operation on Aneurysm?

My dad goes for surgery wednesday and for a second precedure 3 weeks after. As the day comes closer the worse I feel about it. My dad is on dialysis and is 82 yrs. old. Anyone here ever have this operation? Any advise? Anyway when dad is done with all of this I have to go for endoscopy with aspiration for pancreas. I have a cystic leasion on pancreas that grew a little and has to be checked. My dad and I had our share of health issues and normally I am not one to worry or get upset but this time it is getting to me. I pray and I block things out. It helps most of the time but come the night  I start thinking about everything and I get upset. Sorry to put all this here but everyone is asleep so I might as well let it out  so I can get to sleep. Pray for us!! Carmela

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Re: Anyone here ever have endovascular operation on Aneurysm?

 i had an aortic aneurism three yrs ago, dec '09.  luckily, an annual exam detected it...it's a silent killer.  i'm 76 and feel great.  active life; knights of columbus treasurer, plenty of yard work, at which i regale myself with playing bing radio programs or, often, classical music, take a taxing daily "power-walk" of 40-50 min., do the times' magazine puzzle.  glamorous wife kathleen's still working.  we'll include your dad in our rosary tonight.


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Re: Anyone here ever have endovascular operation on Aneurysm?

Thanks Pat! Glad you are doing well! Dad had first precedure and goes for second one June 19th. I think his leg arteries were cleaned out next it's the Aorta/abdomin.

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