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Arthur Blood - Bing's hat

ICC stalwart Arthur Blood of Derby obtained some excellent publicity for Bing and the ICC in his local paper last month.
See http://www.thisisderbyshire.co.uk/Bing-s-biggest-fans-Arthur-aims-crooner-s-memory/story-14379427-detail/story.html


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Re: Arthur Blood - Bing's hat

What a charming fellow,  but I didn't know I supposed to paint the room where I keep my Bing recordings, etc, blue and gold.   Is that somewhere in the club bilaws?


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Re: Arthur Blood - Bing's hat

It was Frank Murphy, a past editor of the ICC, who used to keep talking about his blue and gold room. Although it sounded like a  large and imposing ballroom, it was a very small room at the top of the stairs.  Arthur's room is rather more impressive.

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Re: Arthur Blood - Bing's hat

The key to success in such decoration is to get the join right. "Where the blue  - - - meets the gold  - - ".


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Re: Arthur Blood - Bing's hat

The late Brian Howard of Sydney who ran the "Bing and Swing Club" and had two programmes a week on radio 2KY and there was also a rugby league team playing in the Balmain junior league comp. The league jumpers were blue and gold (my rugby team in Montreal - Town of Mt. Royal also wore blue and gold stripe jumpers. I wrote to Bing if he could assist us buying new jumpers but I never heard. Expect he never received the letter as he always responded).
Anyway, Brian had a house on Channel 9's property which was painted blue and gold (yellow). Think the house was yellow with blue guttering.
As long as Brian was alive he could keep his house on Kerry Packer's property. As soon as Brian died Packer told Brian's daughter, Debbie, to have the house cleaned out within a week. Bit rotten of him as Debbie had the funeral etc to worry about.
Another thing about Packer. He had a heart attack at a polo match and was rushed to hospital. Reckons he died for a few minutes. A week later he was back at the polo and as his car was driving out of the ground a TV reporter called out 'how are you Mr. Packer?'. The car stopped and he came back and shouted into the TV - "I'll tell you how I am". I thought you rotten so and so. You have your reporters doing the same thing.
However, to Mr. Packer's credit he had all ambulances in NSW fitted out with paramedic gear to cover any incident that may occur, like what happened to him.
Kathryn told me that he was a friend of Bing.


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Re: Arthur Blood - Bing's hat

Richard Baker wrote:

The key to success in such decoration is to get the join right. "Where the blue  - - - meets the gold  - - ".

The painter would have to be skilled at harmony!


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