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Dixie Lee

Monday arvo (3-00pm to 5-00pm Pacific time - USA) on TCM.
"Smash Up - The Story of a Woman".
Bio says that it is based roughly on Dixie Lee with Susan Hayward playing the lead
as a singer, gets married, takes to the bottle while hubby (Lee Bowman) is staring
on his career.
No familiar songs at all.
Guess they had to be pretty careful as I don't suppose they could have the bloke
singing 'I Surrender Dear" and such songs.
There would have been a libel case otherwise and we know how popular suing is in the U.S.


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Re: Dixie Lee

Supposedly, Bing looked into litigation when this movie came out, but I guess they did not have enough grounds for it.

I bought this movie a couple of years ago in the bargain bin at a discount store for $3. Susan Hayward is worth seeing in any role.


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Re: Dixie Lee

I queried Marsha Hunt about this very topic a few years ago.  She plays a prominent part in the film, that of the scheming secretary.  She said she knew nothing about the inference that the main character might have been based on Dixie Lee.  If it were, it would seem that it would have been spoken about at least among the actors....but it wasn't. ~~~  Bopcat


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Re: Dixie Lee

The liner notes in Jonzo 46 say Bing didn't associate with anyone involved in the film.

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