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Others Singing Bing

I figured this would be an interesting post. I love discovering "new" old music of other performing Bing! I just discovered in my collection this recording of Hal Kemp & His Orchestra (with a Skinnay Ennis) singing "Boo Boo Boo" which Bing introduced in "College Humor", but Bing never recorded commercially. Not a great song...but cute.


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Re: Others Singing Bing

I. Really liked that scene in 'College Humour' and also 'If I Were Alladin' - movie version better that recording of the song.


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Re: Others Singing Bing

I love to discover other singers' recordings of songs I associate with Bing and I've never heard another recording of 'Boo boo boo' before. I wonder who wrote the song (presumably for the movie).


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Re: Others Singing Bing


If I am not mistaken, the song "Boo Boo Boo" was written by the great songwriting team of Arthur Johnston and Sam Coslow. The latter was also a creditable crooner and wrote a very interesting autobiography entitled Cocktails for Two, which was another one of his classic compositions.



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Re: Others Singing Bing

Nice topic. I remember that, many years ago, there were cassette tapes in circulation with a large collections of Bing songs performed by other artists. I always enjoyed listening and comparing! :-)


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Re: Others Singing Bing

Roy Orbison does and outstanding version of "Beautiful Dreamer" and the Platters do an incredible version of "Red Sails In The Sunset". Matt Monro does a very bombastic take on "Around The World". 


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Re: Others Singing Bing

For some reason, I've always liked the version of "Harbor Lights" that a young Elvis Presley recorded at Sun Records, in Memphis, in 1954-55.

Also, in my opinion, Sinatra's version of "Around the World" (from Come Fly with Me) is better than the bombastic one by Monro.

Oh, and Russ Columbo's readings of songs associated with Bing (recorded around the same time as Bing's versions) have always sounded really good to me!


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Re: Others Singing Bing

Speaking of "Around The World" my favorite version of this song is by Nat King Cole, the musical orchestral accompaniment is just perfect.  It's a dream like sound, I only wish Bing had had orchestral backing like this for his '60's recordings.  The hokey organ and electronic drums really sound amateur. The singing is perfect but that Buddy Cole stuff is awful, that's why I always choose the "New Recordings" made with great orchestras drowning out the Buddy Cole hoke.   Has anyone heard the most recent release of these re-recordings with great orchestra added?:


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Re: Others Singing Bing

I don't think any of these have hit my radar but I feel the same way about the 50's arrangements. I get WHY Bing did it that way and they do make those 50's albums very "casually" listenable sort of like having Bing in the front parlor playing piano and singing along. However, I also think it's part of why Bing isn't better remembered today! Sinatra was doing big beautiful bold albums with a full orchestra and bing is singing along to an electric organ. Not quite the same!


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Re: Others Singing Bing

I really like those latest recordings. "My Own True Love" is wonderful.


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