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Something's Coming!


See also the listing here.
The double CD includes no less than four complete LPs plus three "bonus" tracks.
- Two are from the 101 Gang Songs LPs, plus "Bing On The Happy Side", plus an LP sold through youth organisations "Sing Along With Bing" which consisted of songs drawn from earler Sing Along albums with a revised chorus backing.

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Re: Something's Coming!

I must admit, when I first read this news I was initially somewhat underwhelmed (even disappointed) as this was never my favourite period/genre of Bings and could only ever listen to the sing-a-long albums in short doses.

However with a bit of reflection today, I am actually looking forward to listening to this again with fresh ears and hopefully find a new appreciation for these albums. I have always felt my negligence of this material was due to my preference and availability for what I considered stronger material and I suspect I failed to invest the time to really listen to them.

I will also be very pleased to have On The Happy Side on CD.

Roll on April...


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Re: Something's Coming!

Kevin's thoughts almost exactly echo my own. Sepia are to be greatly applauded for continuing to issue Crosby material but - like Kevin - I have to say that the sing-along albums wouldn't have been my first choice. Nevertheless, it's great to be able to plug another gap in the "official" CD releases list. I wonder if we'll ever get "Bingo Viejo" and "Hey Jude, Hey Bing!"..?

Will the timing of the Sepia release mean that we can look forward to a full review in Richard's "Keeping Track" in the forthcoming issue of "Bing" magazine

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Re: Something's Coming!

Already written, Jeremy!


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Re: Something's Coming!

I suspected as much..! I look forward to reading it.


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Re: Something's Coming!

I'm looking forward to both the CD('s) and the review. http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png


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Re: Something's Coming!

I also look forward to this new Bing CD because I don't have this material. I can't wait to listen to it and to read Richard's review. However, I echo everyone else's feelings about the fact that the sing-along albums would not be my first choice for reissue, particularly when we still have gems out there (Holiday in Europe, Feels Good) that are in need of a serious CD reissue. But well, anything new by Bing is always welcome, so I won't complain... http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png



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Re: Something's Coming!

"Feels Good" would be quite out of the question. Copyright across Europe currently protects anything recorded since November 1963 for a period of 70 years.

Material recorded before then has fallen out of copyright if it was also published then.

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Re: Something's Coming!

I suppose by "official", I mean anything that has been released on a commercial label, which is why I gave the examples of "Bingo Viejo" and "Hey Jude, Hey Bing!" as glaring omissions. "Feels Good, Feels Right" was released on CD by London Decca in 1998 with the three unreleased tracks and excellent liner notes by John Tracy, and in 2004 the British nostalgia label Vocation issued a straight transfer of the original LP with no liner notes - just a track listing on the rear of the CD liner together with brief recording details.

I've also got the Japanese MCA CD release of "Holiday in Europe", which is a nicely produced CD with what I feel quite sure are excellent liner notes - naturally enough, in Japanese!

I know what Anton means, though. It would be great to have properly annotated/re-mastered releases of these two, along the lines of the excellent series of discs released by BCE a few years ago.

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Re: Something's Coming!

I'm very glad this is being released. It will fill in gaps to my collection (CD/digital only, as I stopped with LPs a while ago), along with being a NEW Bing release. Thanks to all involved with this.

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