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1968 Promo LP for The Bing Crosby Special

I saw this ad for a sealed copy on eBay. I didn't even know this LP existed! A bit pricey though.

I've seen the "Sound Stage Medley" with the Supremes and Jose Feliciano, and separate duets with each of them on YouTube, which are pretty nice. There's now a much cleaner version of the "Sound Stage Medley" on YouTube, but the Beatles tunes, which are some of the nicest parts for Bing, have been edited out, probably to avoid royalties.

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Re: 1968 Promo LP for The Bing Crosby Special

That's interesting, I wasn't aware of that album either.   BUT you can save $225 by watching and recording that very same TV special when it's shown next week on GET-TV.   You'll not only hear it, but you can see the special too, and it's on free TV.  GET TV has run this same special at least 2 times previously last year, I'd like to see them run some different Bing TV specials.


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Re: 1968 Promo LP for The Bing Crosby Special

Hmm, perhaps I should have put this under television, but initially it was about the Promo LP.

I will have to watch the special on GET TV, since I have never seen it, only clips.

But on YouTube, it is the GET TV version of the "Soundstage Medley" that has the best video quality, but is missing all the Beatles songs, I suspect GET TV did not want to pay for the rights.

Compare the 6 minute GET TV version of the medley here with the 8 minute version in low video quality here.
Bing's versions of some of the Beatles tunes are some of the nicest parts of the medley ("Hey Jude", better than on the album, and "And I Love Her" with Jose Feliciano's guitar).

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Re: 1968 Promo LP for The Bing Crosby Special

Thanks Jim. The GET TV version of the medley is great. That Bing Crosby Special was shown on national television in Australia in September 1969. It was the last Bing special to be shown that year but two Hollywood Palace shows with Bing had been shown earlier in the year. Aussies could also watch eleven of Bing's movies on TV in 1969.


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Re: 1968 Promo LP for The Bing Crosby Special

To make clear my original point which seems to have turned into a discussion of a You Tube clip, I am talking about the actual GET TV broadcast that they had shown of the ENTIRE special in February, not some little You Tube clip of the show.   Now it's been more than a month since the whole special was shown on GET TV, but I have no doubt the special will be shown again, as GET TV seems to like to repeat their many different variety specials over and over popping up who knows when during each week at different odd times. 


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