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I Love New Fangled Technology

I don't know about the rest of you but I love the technology of today.  Thanks to computers and MP3 portable players I am able to hear a great deal of my CDs play "randomly" each artist and each and every song from the many CDs that are transferred to the computer.  With Media Player on the computer I literally have created my own very favorite radio station.  I can turn it on and hear anytime commercial free all my favorite CDs and singers from the many CDs that I've put onto the computer and I never ever feel the need to change the channel the way I always used to when listening to live radio.  Not to mention you can't even find the music I listen to on radio any more unless you have subscription pay radio.   The music regular radio plays today is completely unlistenable to me.  It's not only horrible but offensive. 

Once again modern day technology to the rescue.  Now with the aid of my handy dandy MP3 Sony player (they still call it a Walkman but now with MP3 tech instead of tapes) I can listen to the same music I downloaded onto my computer from my CDs that I in turn then downloaded onto the MP3 player.  Now in the car with the MP3 player I can listen to my favorite music randomly playing one song to another of one CD to another of all the CDs I've transferred to the MP3 player via the computer's CD downloads.   It all means one thing, my own favorite radio station now lives also in my car playing commercial free all my favorite music from my own CDs and all played randomly so I never know what's coming on next.  Just the way radio used to be when it played good music and you didn't have to hit the change button on the radio dial every 2 minutes.   I remember even when I did play a CD or an album, the one thing I didn't like is I knew exactly what was coming next.  If I put in a Jim Reeves CD I would hear only Jim Reeves for the next while.  But with Media Player on the computer and MP3 players you hear one artist then another and another never just one artist and one album playing but a whole wide variety!

It's probably a lot safer too in the car listening to your favorite songs on the MP3 player as there is no need to take your eyes off the road to change stations.  So great Bing songs will pop up (and believe me I don't just mean Swinging On A Star, in fact I purposely do NOT have that song in the MP3 player as I heard this song played on regular radio and used to get mad that they seemed to think that that was Bing's only record.) now all manner of Bing records pop up with songs from those albums along with Jo Stafford, Mills Bros., Dean Martin, Perry, Doris, Patti, Rosemary, Patsy Cline, Eddy Arnold, Frank Fontaine, William Frawley, Louis Prima/Jordan, Ink Spots, Walter Brennan, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington and so many other great singers all now pop up on my car radio with no interruptions no ads nothing but one great song after another.  Odd old albums that I have that you can't find on CD, albums from Walter Brennan and William Frawley and Sophie Tucker I transferred over to CD and now they are on my computer and on my MP3 player.  Literally a Sophie Tucker album I bought as a kid in 1965 along with a 1960's version of the Ink Spots (different guys than the '40's group)  that I rarely ever heard is now heard on a regular basis (at least selections from it).  There are some albums that I hadn't heard in decades now poping up regularly.  Wow.

Another thing I do because I remember radio in the old days used to do this, is I also have a whole bunch of Instrumental type CDs that contain classic instrumental songs and also movie and TV themes and music.  These will pop up in between the vocal songs you'll get an instrumental song.  Just the way radio used to do it, a couple of vocal numbers and then a great instrumental in between.  I REALLY LOVE IT!!

Talk about wishing this technology existed back in the '70's and '80's, I really wish I had this back then.  I wouldn't have had to ride around with my car full of tapes.

Also now a real benefit of this computer and MP3 method of playing my CDs is I now hear on a daily basis albums I hadn't gone to to listen to for years when it was all only on album or CDs alone.  How often did I actually pull out a CD or album and play it?  Rarely but now all those CDs (and albums that I transferred over to CD too) are now playing every day that I turn on my music. 

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Re: I Love New Fangled Technology

Lee - I agree that the technology today is wonderful where almost any recording is at your finger tips, but I think we touched on this in another post - it takes away the hunt. I miss going to flea markets and exchanging music with friends.

I used to make cassette tapes for friends to share music. I still have one friend in Chicago I still do this with, but it is a lost art. I miss the hunt for new music. Everything is too immediate for me. However, I am happy I have an MP3 player to listen to while I mow the lawn. It was annoying carrying my record player on my shoulders as I mowed the lawn!


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Re: I Love New Fangled Technology

An MP3 player with a whole lot of your CDs & a wide variety of all your favorite music on it interruption free and commercial free also sure beats driving around with a boat load of tapes in the car storage bin.  Poor Laurel & Hardy had to drive around with an old record player rigged up on a string that would lower down and they could play a 78 on it while driving.  One 78.  Might get monotonous on a long trip. 

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