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The Bing Shift

For some time I became aware of Arne Fogels excellent radio programme 'The Bing Shift', broadcasted weekly on KBEM-FM Jazz 88 (88.5 FM) in Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota (USA).
While unfortunately, it seems that many shows emanating from the USA have only restricted 'listening on demand'-functionality, if any, I never paid much attention to this show, which I knew by name only for several years. My loss, alas, as it turns out to be a wonderful show.
I recently learned that nowadays you can listen on demand to a good number of 'The Bing Shift' shows on this URL:
Arne Fogel puts together and hosts a great Crosby show and I was, to be honest, suprised that his 'Bing Shift' hasn't gained more attention here in the forum. In my opinion it certainly deserves it! Many of the shows have a theme which fills about half the show; the second part consists of a 'Crosby cavalcade' as Arne Fogel himself calls it, a cleverly combined series of Crosby songs, many of which you may not have heard in a long time - unless you listen to Bing 24/7! Why not give it a listen?
As I understand, 'The Bing Shift' is on the air for ten years now. I really missed out on this ... If anybody has older shows (before November 22, 2015) available, I would be very interested to hear from you!


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Re: The Bing Shift

Thank you for posting the link, Frans. The name Arne Fogel will be familiar to most fans, and he has been mentioned on the board several times.

The site offers streaming and downloads of Arne's show but when I visited I could not get the download button to work. I assume from it's presence that it is intended to operate, but until it does work again, computer savvy people will know of a work round. If you are not computer savvy, contact me direct, and I'll send a quick DIY guide!

PS I am familiar with traditional PCs only. I cannot say whether my approach works with Apples and things carrying the ninth letter of the alphabet.


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Re: The Bing Shift

The button worked for me although I did have to press it twice. Just had to count on my fingers to work out the 9th letter of the alphabet!


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Re: The Bing Shift

Arne Fogel's programs are great. This afternoon I've listened to his September 11 session which he introduced with some KING OF JAZZ selections (recognising the recently rejuvenated copy of the movie which he had seen in LA) followed by some thoughtful selections of Bing's other recordings. Arne obviously plans his programs carefully and that results in excellent entertainment.


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Re: The Bing Shift

I couldn't agree more, Graham.

This weeks programme (October 23rd) has an interesting theme as well: Songs Bing recorded for films but which were cut from the released film. Mr. Fogel comes up with wonderful theme-ideas! I have become a regular listener.

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Re: The Bing Shift

This week's programme (October 30th) seems to be a repeat from April, 2015. Ah well, with the weather being what it is over here in The Netherlands, Spring rather than Autumn, Arne Fogel's Theme of songs about April works out fine! :-)

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Re: The Bing Shift

Mr. Fogel's excellent programme moved to a new website on the internet: http://www.jazz88.fm/on-demand/ where you can listen to the programmes (originally broadcast on sundays) on demand. Every one or two weeks there's a 'Bing Shift', some are repeats but some are new (to me). Really recommended! http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

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