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Bing's Longines Sessions

I've just listened again to Bing's Longines sessions from 1965 and 1968. They led me again to Ken Barnes's book THE CROSBY YEARS (page 96) in which he generally considered Bing's performances to be 'very sub-standard' except for 'the occasional isolated performance'. I think that's a harsh judgement. I can't imagine another vocalist singing those songs better than Bing did at those sessions.  Any comments?


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Re: Bing's Longines Sessions

I do like the Longines sessions from the sixties, Graham, but to be honest I do not count them among Bings better performances. However, when you listen to remastered versions of these songs (a few exist), the difference with the original LP release is rather striking, I think.

For instance: A remastered track of 'South of the Border' can be found on Collectors Choice CCM2159 'Bing sings the Sinatra Songbook' (2010). Compare this track with the one on the original LP, If you would like to.

I for one would welcome a well remastered CD-reissue of the Longines sessions. Bing's versions of these songs may not be the best but remastering could greatly improve them! http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

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Re: Bing's Longines Sessions

Bing was on the west coast USA and Geoff was in England, I believe, so it would be a tough mix because I'm sure things work out better if both the artist and orchestra are together in the same studio and not a few thousand miles apart.


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Re: Bing's Longines Sessions

Yes Ron, you're right in that. But despite Bing not singing directly with the orchestra, I believe much could be improved with a remix. Take a listen to 'South of the Border', on the original LP and on the CD mentioned in my posting above, and you'll hear what I mean.

Remixing the entire sessions of 1965 and 1968 would make for an interesting CD, I think. http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

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