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Robert J Randisi books

Many years ago on one of many visits to Dublin and a favorite bookstore Murder Ink I noticed a series of books  about the rat pack. Never bought any of the books at the time. Planned to on my next visit but by then the gentleman owner had deceased and the shop closed. Unfortunately many or even most books published in america isn't that easy to find in european bookstores. You need to order through internet and I never got around to it regarding the rat pach books. However a couple of weeks ago I got all 9 as ebooks. And at once started Reading book 5 Fly me to the morgue which featured Bing. I enjoyed it a lot as a crime book and also appreciated the portrait of Bing. I didn't mind a few minor errors as claiming Kathryn Crosby had not been in Las Vegas Before this adventure set 1964. If you enjoy good old fashioned noirish crime books I'm sure you'll enjoy the ratpack books. All set in Las Vegas in the early sixties. With the hero helping the ratpack gang solving Various problems. As far as I know Bing isn't featured in any of the Other books. I've read 3 so far and enjoyed them all. It's been a lot more Dino than Frank.http://www.fictiondb.com/coversth/xth_1847513417.jpg.pagespeed.ic.aOxE26tP6A.jpg

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