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RIP: Frank Sinatra Jr

A sad passing. Frank Jr never got the recognition he deserved, and he was a very good singer in his own right...


RIP: Frank Sinatra Jr...


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Re: RIP: Frank Sinatra Jr

Just saw on Sydney Morning Herald web about Frank.
Remember talking with him for about 10 minutes or so at Hofstra in 2002.
Even said to him that he should visit Bermagui if he ever got to Australia.
He attended Bing event instead of a Nancy Sinatra event, which I thought was good of him.
R.I.P. Frank


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Re: RIP: Frank Sinatra Jr

Last saw him at the 12/12/15 Sinatra 100 Birthday concert in Beverly Hills. He looked old and admitted he was tired. He sat thru a good portion of his performance. That said, he was wonderful. He always treated the music of The Man with great respect. It was never an impersonation but a heartfelt tribute.

Through the years I have spoken with him as he was a client of my company. He was always courteous and respectful.

What has me rattled is the realization that this is really the end. Never again will we be able to witness this fabulous music, with the great arrangements performed "live" by a Sinatra. Everyone else is now an impersonator or an "homage act".

I am very saddened.    http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/cry.png

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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