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Bing and The Dream Factory

The redoubtable John Marshall has been doing some amazing research into the ‘pulp’ movie magazines so beloved by the 1930’s and ‘40’s. These magazines provided a drab world with windows into an entirely different lifestyle and culture.Their glamorous, colourful and steamily  hyperbolic view of Hollywood’s rich and famous (who kept the wheels of Pauline Kael’s Dream Factory turning) are long gone, never to be seen again – until now, brought back to life by John in this new PowerPoint 200-page presentation.
This is the young Bing Crosby as his story was taking shape, written by those who created it…………. as it happened……… on the spot. Tablets of stone, fresh down from the mountain. See just how much media space the crooner occupied between 1931 and 1945 through the medium of the authentic publications of the period.  These vivid, contemporary essays take us as close to the young Crosby as we’re ever likely to get - verbatim information free from subsequent alteration, manipulation, editorial slant or bias.
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