Others of Note » Alice Ludes » Today 10:37 am

Rather late I'm afraid, I see that Alice Ludes died on 12th February at the age of 104. 

Alice was one of the Music Maids, a permanent fixture on Bing's Kraft Music Hall for several years and a number of records exist of them singing with Bing . 

I'll be hunting up some obituaries in order to link to them - I'm sure there are some.


Others of Note » Dame Vera Lynn at 100 » 21/3/2017 9:30 am

Vera had a fantastic following among members of the British forces and their families. She had a warm presentational style and knew the type of songs that her public wanted, though the BBC dropped her programme for a time because her songs were regarded as too sentimental and lacking in backbone.

Vera even visited wives and families of members of the forces and conveyed messages to servicemen abroad. She increased her following by visiting forward bases in Burma to entertain the troops there.

A TV documentary to celebrate her 100th birthday is here http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08k5v5l/dame-vera-lynn-happy-100th-birthday and can be watched for a further 26 days but unfortunately might not be viewable outside the UK.

Later addition - it is now on YouTube 

From the late 1950s I worked and became friendly with a group of men (then still young, now all gone over the last 14 years) who had all been on active service in North Africa and Italy, one having been wounded twice. They were all firm devotees of Vera Lynn. 


Announcements » 'Going My Way' Spring branch meeting » 19/3/2017 12:26 am

Jace wrote:

The Warrington branch of the International Club Crosby, the 'Going My Way' branch, will hold its spring meeting here on Winwick Park next Saturday 25th March, 1230 - 1730hrs.

Jason Liddiard

Very best wishes for a successful meeting


New and Re-issued materials » New Biography available for streaming on Amazon.com » 16/3/2017 2:25 pm

I have to be blunt and say that the documentary falls very far short of it's promise, which is  that Chris has “spent a lifetime documenting testimony from those who loved and knew Bing best”

That implies an in depth study painstakingly prepared and deeply researched but I fear that there is not a great deal to show from all that effort. A significant part of Bing's life is wholly ignored and many of those "who loved and knew Bing best”  don't even get a mention. 


Recording » 1962 alternate take of 'Winter Wonderland' » 12/3/2017 7:32 pm


Searching around the detail of different takes interests me and I agree with you. Timings are different and phrasing differs. A little difficult to describe and on first hearing I cannot point to anything that is a stand out smoking gun, but it is different.

Congratulations on a very interesting find. 

Radio » Command Performance and G I Journal » 12/3/2017 8:09 am

Graham, as an extension of the point you make, Malcolm, in his notes to an issue on CD of some of the material a year or so back, made the point that the civilian population of the UK (and from what you say, Australia) were more likely to hear the broadcasts than the civilians back in the US, specifically because the broadcasts were aimed at the US force overseas via the records that were sent out for use over local stations.

I know that many in the UK did listen in to the US forces shows, because they added to the rather limited fare produced by the BBC at the time.  


Radio » Command Performance and G I Journal » 11/3/2017 11:56 am

I agree. Great stuff.

But for those who need reminding or who are new to this board, Bing's own shows, on Kraft Music Hall,
during the same era are also very good.

Follow this link.  ​http://bingcrosby.com/media-vault/audio-vault/kraft-music-hall

There is also a selection of Chesterfield and Philco shows on the same site 

New and Re-issued materials » New Biography available for streaming on Amazon.com » 10/3/2017 11:57 pm

JayIsh wrote:

Chris Crosby, Bing's nephew and Godson has posted a new documentary he's completed on Bing as he knew him.  I watched it last night and found it really informative and entertaining...Not sure it is available in any other form but through streaming via Amazon Prime but it is worth a watch!

Thank you "JayIsh".

The film is exclusive to Amazon Prime and subscribers should search on 
"Crosby in Search Of Crosby - Bing: The Truth Behind The Legend"
There is also a trailer on Youtube

I review it in "Keeping Track" in the next issue of "Bing" due out in a few weeks time.

I'd be interested in the views of others. I found it odd that Bing's life after the mid 1950s has barely a mention.


Recording » Something's Coming! » 28/2/2017 5:43 pm

"Feels Good" would be quite out of the question. Copyright across Europe currently protects anything recorded since November 1963 for a period of 70 years.

Material recorded before then has fallen out of copyright if it was also published then.

Recording » Something's Coming! » 27/2/2017 11:42 pm

Already written, Jeremy!


Recording » Something's Coming! » 26/2/2017 2:14 pm


See also the listing here.
The double CD includes no less than four complete LPs plus three "bonus" tracks.
- Two are from the 101 Gang Songs LPs, plus "Bing On The Happy Side", plus an LP sold through youth organisations "Sing Along With Bing" which consisted of songs drawn from earler Sing Along albums with a revised chorus backing.

Radio » Command Performance and G I Journal » 25/2/2017 3:05 pm

Afraid circumstances have kept me away from the board for a while, but it seems not too much has been happening in the meantime!

However - 
COMMAND PERFORMANCE 30 Recorded Sunday, August 30, 1942
with Connee Boswell, Bert Wheeler, Hank Ladd, James Cagney, The Music Maids, Kay Kyser Orchestra,  NBC Orchestra conducted by Dr. Frank Black

and G. I. JOURNAL 12 Recorded Saturday, October 9, 1943
with Georgia Carroll, “Ish Kabbibble”, Julie Conway, Mel Blanc, Arthur Q. Bryan, Jerry Colonna, John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra

are both here on Star Spangled Radio Hour

Biography » Gary Giddins - Volume Two » 09/2/2017 2:10 pm

I am sure that we are all looking forward to the second volume. 

We must all do our best to persuade Mr Giddins - and his publishers - to also bring forward the third volume as rapidly as possible by demonstrating our support through purchasing Vol. 2 in adequate numbers.


Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 08/2/2017 9:39 pm

Ron Field wrote:


Can't alter the speed on turntables these days.

Ron, That depends on the T/T!  My current "best" T/T, has the standard 33/45/78 but also a variation of plus and minus of up to 20% on each of them. It also plays in reverse, very useful when transcribing worn discs, which can then be reversed back to normal in the digital domain.

Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 08/2/2017 10:28 am

What I find baffling is that there were several 12 inch LP issues which dropped two songs. I cannot imagine what the justification might be. Granted that they might have been on cheap labels but it presumably added to costs as new masters would have been needed, instead of pressing from existing masters. 

And why also just title the issue with Bing's name, dropping the distinguishing elements of the title?

Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 08/2/2017 7:19 am

Graham Pascoe wrote:

The LP I have is on the Karussell label simply titled BING CROSBY with (in small print at the top) 'Bing Crosby, one of the greatest entertainers of our time', made in Australia and 'Distributed by Phonogram Recordings Pty Limited'. Each side of the cover has a large black-and-white photo of Bing's bust with a pipe in his mouth on a black background, unlike any of the other covers which have been pictured. The LP has ten tracks and I've no idea when it was pressed, nor how I acquired it.

Something like this? It is Karussell (Cat #635217) and it has those 10 tracks, but it was pressed in Germany. The words you quote appear in tiny print on the white strip at the top left.                                                                                            


Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 06/2/2017 7:46 am

Archiefit wrote:

 My memory was correct, here is the album I bought back in the 70's of the Bing/Bregman lp, had no idea of the original cover back then and I remembered correctly, this version of the album WAS Stereofied, - - - - .  OK here's how my album looked:

It looks from what I can see of the cover that this, like the UK MfP release, had just ten tracks, and it shares the same title, consisting of Bing's name alone. I assume the logo "Metro" implies MGM.

Thanks for this

Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 05/2/2017 12:40 pm

Malcolm Macfarlane wrote:

It was all right for you wealthy people. As a 17 year old. I had to buy the album as EPs when I could afford them and I never got the final one.

To whom might this be addressed? My HMV of Bing/Bregman is worn for a reason. I had an old worn, wrecked and salvaged turntable and a pickup arm that had clearly been designed for heavier weight 78 rpm use and that had a playing weight of a hundred-weight (or two). 

(The point being that I was pretty impoverished and struggling to buy records. I hardly had the tools to play them on!. In fact I owned some records for months before being able to play them on my own equipment!). 

It was not until some time into the stereo era that I managed to scrape together anything that could reasonably be called "Hi-Fi". My first stereo records? Bing's "How The West Was Won" sometime early in 1960.


Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 05/2/2017 12:24 pm

I don't know the detail as to how the rights went but I do know that many of the Verves (e.g. the early Ella Fitzgerald Songbook albums) were released in the UK on HMV.


Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 04/2/2017 5:51 pm

jeremyrose wrote:


This was the album - in the UK, at least...

(BTW... I hope you're impressed, Richard, that I've finally mastered the technique of getting an image onto a CFW posting!)

Duly impressed.  The image you post however is of a 1970s re-issue with a revised title. 

The original UK issue was on HMV - 


I still have a very worn copy.
The design followed the US original on Verve 


And this design has been perpetuated on many reissues.

In the UK it was also issued on a club label (World Record Club) -


(Got one of those too)

and on Music for Pleasure titled merely "Bing Crosby" but with 10 tracks only.


(I was not tempted to buy it but was then given it as a present by someone misled by the title and design into thinking that it was something new to me). 

I am not aware of any sleeve design variations on US re-issues. If anyone does know of any and can post images, I for one am interested.  (Jeremy will help with tutorials on how to do so if the need arises.)


Recording » How do you know what lp or CD a particular Bing Song is on, anyway?? » 04/2/2017 8:35 am

Apart from the Chronological Crosby on Jonzo it hasn't been on many CDs that I know of. 

The online discography now run by David Currington concentrates on CDs, but Discogs is a good resource for looking up earlier issues.

For "It's The Talk Of The Town", if you're thinking of LP albums, you might have "Old Masters"


Others of Note » RIP: Debbie Reynolds » 30/1/2017 4:14 pm

Graham Pascoe wrote:

David Kent's AUSTRALIAN CHART BOOK (1940-1969) lists it as Bing and Debbie on Coronet KS333.

Info on the series of Australian Chart Books here 

Others of Note » Miguel Ferrer » 20/1/2017 6:05 pm

- and I'm also wrong about him being in his teens - a group from which he would have emerged a couple of years prior to those stage shows.


Others of Note » Miguel Ferrer » 20/1/2017 8:45 am

Malcolm Macfarlane wrote:

Think Miguel was on drums at the Palladium.

I stand corrected.  My old grey matter must be getting even older and greyer!

Others of Note » Miguel Ferrer » 20/1/2017 8:08 am

Miguel Ferrer, Rosemary Clooney's son, has died of throat cancer at the age of 61.

He appeared with his mother as a teenager, accompanying her on guitar, in some of Bing's last stage shows.

I'm sure other notices will be appearing in time, but here's an early one 

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