Biography » Bing in Spokane » 07/9/2017 3:08 am

Gee, that was interesting. I especially appreciated to opportunity to visit Bing's childhood home, which I had the pleasure of seeing in 1983 after a Bing Crosby Historical Society tribute in Tacoma.

Film » Board Not but Man On Fire » 07/9/2017 2:48 am

That's an interesting article. MAN ON FIRE received favourable reviews when it was first screened in Sydney and Melbourne but it ran for only two weeks at central city cinemas, much shorter than Bing's previous films. I don't recall whether I've seen it.

Others of Note » RIP: Ruth Prigozy » 16/8/2017 6:51 am

I still have the letter which Ruth and Natalie sent me in May 2002 advising me that my paper for presentation to the Hofstra Conference was accepted. It was an unforgettable experience.

Others of Note » CHESTER GAYLORD » 16/8/2017 6:45 am

Anton, thanks for introducing me to Chester Gaylord. Unless I heard him on one of the late Rich Conaty's BIG BROADCAST programs I'd not heard him before. He had a pleasant voice and delivery, didn't he.

Fan Interests » Remembering Bing » 16/8/2017 6:01 am

Ah Ron, it's 'Love on a Greyhound bus', a song from a movie NO LEAVE, NO LOVE, I believe. A recording of the song by The Dinning Sisters is on a CD I have, recorded in 1945 I think. I wonder if Bing sang it.

Television » Glen Campbell » 16/8/2017 5:51 am

Thanks Jeremy. A delightful song well sung. Gee, its almost fifty years ago.

Recording » Official UK Singles Charts Celebrates 60 Years » 16/8/2017 5:37 am

Jim, The Australian Chart Book (1970-1992) lists Bing's single 'That's what life is all about' charting for one week at number 99 in February 1976.

Radio » Legends of Las Vegas ... Bing! » 10/8/2017 2:57 am

Thanks Frans. There are some beaut selections of Bing and others. I enjoyed it.

Recording » What did I buy?? » 20/7/2017 6:46 am

Ron1972, I'll bet that you've now listened to the tracks on TOP O. THE MORNING, a CD which I bought many years ago, an Australian MCA disc with 24 wonderful tracks.

Biography » Lindsay Crosby » 17/6/2017 6:16 am

Thanks Lobosco for that Spotlight on Lindsay. Australians were able to see Lindsay on TV as he sang with Bing and/or his brothers on several occasions: in 1959 on THE BOB HOPE SHOW; in 1960 on A BING CROSBY SPECTACULAR (BING CROSBY SHOW FOR OLDSMOBILE in USA); in 1961 FORD STAR TIME (BC FOR OLDSMOBILE in USA) and possibly in 1961 in THE BING CROSBY SHOW (THE EDSEL SHOW from 1957 in USA but the Aussie show may have been an abridged version). Reports in our press following Lindsay's death in 1989 referred to Gary's allegations of Bing's mistreatment of his sons.

Recording » Some Fine Old Chestnuts, Songs I Wish I Had Sung The First Time Aroun » 17/6/2017 5:35 am

Richard's comment on 5th June includes reference to the comprehensive notes which accompany some CDs. That's a feature which wasn't important to me when I first collected Bing's recordings but now I find that some discs include some fascinating information. Malcolm Macfarlane has contributed much information of that nature on many of the CDs I have.

Recording » What Bing Crosby Record Are You Listening To Now? » 17/6/2017 5:26 am

I'm listening to a JSP CD HERE'S BING CROSBY! with excerpts from Bing's radio broadcasts 1938-1946. The 32 tracks include Bing singing some 'oldies' such as'Love's old sweet song' and 'When I grow too old to dream' and the delightfully-titled 'Six lessons from Madame La Zonga'. I wonder who Madame La Zonga was.

Links » Who is a deserving modern comparison to Bing? » 03/6/2017 6:54 am

In 2002 the BBC Television production BING ON BING described Bing's achievements thus: 'Imagine the recording career of Michael Jackson combined with the film career of Tom Cruise and the emotional appeal of the Queen Mother'.

Others of Note » 100th birthday of Ella » 03/6/2017 6:48 am

Thank you Thomas. That excerpt from The Hollywood Palace featuring arguably the two greatest pop singers was beaut, Incidentally, that edition of the Palace was shown on Australian TV in July 1968.

Member Introductions » Hello from New England! » 03/6/2017 6:25 am

Welcome Ron. I'm an Aussie and considerably older than you. I suggest you consider becoming a member of The International Club Crosby which, among other things, publishes a glossy, informative magazine titled BING three times a year.

Recording » Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby: Why Their Jazz Singing Mattered » 09/5/2017 5:27 am

Thanks Malcolm. It's great to have Bing remembered thus.

New and Re-issued materials » New Biography available for streaming on » 21/4/2017 6:23 am

I've watched the trailer again and after reading contributors' comments I'm reminded of a book I've read recently, YOU CALL IT MADNESS by Lenny Kaye. As a biography of Russ Columbo and notes on other entertainers of that era it's informative but it's hard to tell how well it was researched because no sources are documented. Furthermore,the style of writing (as a novel) is not at all appealing to me.

Radio » Bing on Afterglow » 21/4/2017 6:02 am

Thank you Frans. I enjoyed that Voices in the Air program and looked at some of archived session titles which have a lot to offer fro music lovers.

Recording » Ken Sykora interviews Bing » 14/4/2017 4:46 am

Thanks Malcolm for that interview recording.

Radio » Command Performance and G I Journal » 12/3/2017 6:05 am

Thank you Richard. More than 70 years on, those programs are still entertaining. Especially interesting (for me) was to hear reference in Command Performance to letters received from four GIs in Australia, which reminds me that during the War the US War Department Special Services Division sent many recordings of its programs to Australian radio stations so they could be heard by the many US services personnel stationed here and, of course, Aussies.

New and Re-issued materials » New Biography available for streaming on » 12/3/2017 4:46 am

The trailer is tantalising. I wonder how many people other than Crosby enthusiasts will watch the documentary.

Recording » 1968 Promo LP for The Bing Crosby Special » 09/3/2017 6:58 am

Thanks Jim. The GET TV version of the medley is great. That Bing Crosby Special was shown on national television in Australia in September 1969. It was the last Bing special to be shown that year but two Hollywood Palace shows with Bing had been shown earlier in the year. Aussies could also watch eleven of Bing's movies on TV in 1969.

Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 09/3/2017 5:28 am

Yes Richard, that's it.

Member Introductions » Hello from Upstate NY » 09/3/2017 5:26 am

Welcome RickG from Graham 'Down Under'. The Hofstra conference was great but I don't believe I managed to attend your session.

Others of Note » RIP: Debbie Reynolds » 08/2/2017 5:44 am

This is an appropriate time for me to acknowledge (again) the tremendous help David Kent gave me when I was researching for my book on Bing's contribution to Australian entertainment and I'm pleased to note that I continue regular contact with David. His chart books are amazing.

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