Others of Note » A Trip Down Memory Lane - Web Episode 1 » 09/1/2018 6:17 am

That's another interesting episode David. The only record I'd heard before is Bing's. Suggestions for possible future episodes: Performers whom Bing admired greatly or influenced him in his early years OR artists or songwriters whom Bing assisted or encouraged early in their careers or to boost them after they'd slipped professionally or personally.

Recording » More LP Cover Images Added to Blog Page » 07/1/2018 5:31 am

Gee, that's an impressive collection. Thank you.

Announcements » Bing Crosby Meets » 07/1/2018 4:36 am

That was a beaut program. Loved it. What a talent Bing was on radio.

General Discussion » CHRISTMAS 2017 » 07/1/2018 3:36 am

Happy new year Richard and thanks again for your dedication to this website. You may have noticed my response to Kevin and I'm looking forward to another good year.

General Discussion » Happy New Year!! » 07/1/2018 3:33 am

Thanks Kevin. I'm in Bathurst Australia where we're having a heat wave as today's temp. is expected to reach 100 degrees but we're doing well in the cricket and Bing helps keep me cool.

Artistic Legacy » Bing Crosby as Christmas Singer: Conversation with Malcolm Macfarlane » 17/12/2017 3:41 am

Thanks Anton and Malcolm for an interesting hour. I believe the only version of 'White Christmas' with the verse which I've heard is one by Richard Tauber. The recording begins with him singing the chorus followed by the verse. I don't know when it was recorded.


Good work Anton. A very appropriate introduction for the movie.

Announcements » Bing Crosby Meets » 15/12/2017 3:14 am

That would be an interesting program but I fear I'll be unable to tune in to it.

Others of Note » Others Singing Bing » 05/12/2017 5:51 am

I love to discover other singers' recordings of songs I associate with Bing and I've never heard another recording of 'Boo boo boo' before. I wonder who wrote the song (presumably for the movie).

Others of Note » A Trip Down Memory Lane - Web Episode 1 » 05/12/2017 5:46 am

Hooray David! Since I saw your first episode I've been anticipating this one and thinking of my favourite female singers. My first two are easy: 1. Ella Fitzgerald, 2. Jo Stafford. Then I decided on 3. Vera Lynn, 4. Connee Boswell, 5. Doris Day. I also pondered over Ruth Etting but concluded that I'd not heard sufficient of her recordings to include her. Incidentally, the photos you included are beaut: such glamour! What's the hat Connee wore in the shot of her behind the NBC microphone?

Artistic Legacy » Bing Crosby House » 05/12/2017 5:04 am

Gee, that brought back some memories of my visit to the home in 1983 but it wasn't the Crosby Museum then. Thanks for bringing the video to us.

Biography » Interviews with people who played a part in Bing's professional life » 05/12/2017 4:54 am

Thanks Frans. I especially enjoyed the interviews with John Scott Trotter and Ken Carpenter. A couple of months ago I heard an interview with Bea Wain. (It was probably done fairly recently and it may have been broadcast on Greg Van Beek's program). It was fascinating.

Radio » Those were the days: Spotlight on Bing » 03/12/2017 7:41 am

Thank you Frans for an interesting Spotlight. I suppose these days many of us have access to historic Crosby material from radio but in 1971 it may have been quite rare.

General Discussion » What non-Bing music have you been listening to recently? » 03/12/2017 7:04 am

Some British dance bands of the 1930s have been entertaining me, thanks to some CDs which friends have given me. The music which groups led by Jack Hylton, Ambrose, Roy Fox and others was splendid and received a lot of airplay on the wireless in Australia in those years.

Radio » Bing on KMH » 15/11/2017 6:32 am

Each week I listen to an archived BBC radio program which Howard Leader presents on Sunday afternoons. It's a three-hour program with the first two hours concentrating on big band swing and balladeers. His 12 November session included at about the 30-minute mark some of Bing's contributions to KMH in 1935 and 1936. His programs can be heard on howard.leader@bbc.co.uk and they are archived for several weeks at least.

Others of Note » A Trip Down Memory Lane - Web Episode 1 » 15/11/2017 6:25 am

Gee, that's a splendid production. All of the singers had many hits in Australia and some performed here. My top five would have included Perry Como and Frank Sinatra at the expense of Bobby Darin and Dick Haymes. The introduction by Bea Wain, who would not have been well-known here, reminded me that a couple of months ago Greg Van Beek included a fine tribute to her in his NOSTALGIA RADIO TIME program with, if I recall correctly, a fascinating interview with her. I'm looking forward to future episodes.

Artistic Legacy » Bing's Legacy in Elko » 15/11/2017 5:29 am

Thanks Richard.Good to see another recollection of Bing's prominence in entertainment and community.

New and Re-issued materials » High Tor » 05/11/2017 4:14 am

My research (undertaken in 2001 and 2002) suggests that HIGH TOR was not shown on Australian television.

Others of Note » Ken Carpenter » 19/10/2017 4:12 am

Very interesting Richard. Thank you.

Radio » BBC Marks Anniversaries » 19/10/2017 3:45 am

I was able to listen to it after it was broadcast and was very impressed by the commentary and the sources used to make it more interesting.

Recording » Once In A While » 19/10/2017 3:41 am

Thanks Lobosco for reminding me of how well Bing sang that song and how good the accompaniment was.

General Discussion » What non-Bing music have you been listening to recently? » 19/10/2017 3:30 am

This morning I got out some old LPs of Johnny Mathis and Shirley Bassey and heard some beaut songs well sung. This arvo I've enjoyed Jonzo 50 as I once again work me way through the series chronologically and the variety of the songs Bing recorded never ceases to amaze me.

Biography » Bing in Spokane » 07/9/2017 3:08 am

Gee, that was interesting. I especially appreciated to opportunity to visit Bing's childhood home, which I had the pleasure of seeing in 1983 after a Bing Crosby Historical Society tribute in Tacoma.

Film » Board Not but Man On Fire » 07/9/2017 2:48 am

That's an interesting article. MAN ON FIRE received favourable reviews when it was first screened in Sydney and Melbourne but it ran for only two weeks at central city cinemas, much shorter than Bing's previous films. I don't recall whether I've seen it.

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