Radio » Anne Hopper » 08/5/2017 7:53 am

Thanks, Thomas. Anne has relocated to the South of England and we shall certainly miss her.

Announcements » BING magazine » 21/4/2017 3:16 pm

Many of you are wondering what's happened to the spring issue. UK members should receive their copies next week. Perry Huntoon, who will be distributing the USA copies, is away from home at present and will not be back until May 8. So USA members will probably have to wait until mid-May for their copies. My apologies for this but the problems with so many USA members not renewing promptly meant that Wig has had to send out many letters chasing non-payers before he could confidently say how many copies he needed for his members. In turn we could not tell the printer how many magazines he should print overall until we had Wig's input. 

Biography » Bing in Ireland » 08/4/2017 1:21 pm

Bing Crosby in Ireland was a production on the Irish channel TG4 in 2013. See BING #165 (winter 2013) page 39 for details. The channel broadcasts in Gaelic!

Biography » Bing in Ireland » 04/4/2017 6:19 am

The Bing Story item is "Discovering: Bing Crosby" which pops up on Sky Arts regularly. You will have recognised the 1967 "A Little Bit of Irish" (Bing visits Dublin 1966).

Biography » Bing in Ireland » 03/4/2017 6:57 pm

Looks like it may have originated from our friend George O'Reilly.

Others of Note » Dame Vera Lynn at 100 » 20/3/2017 11:02 pm

What a wonderful experience! Glad the plaque is still there.

New and Re-issued materials » New Biography available for streaming on » 16/3/2017 7:10 am

Bing did not go out with Mona until after Dixie's death. The  alleged relationship with Joan Caulfield was in 1946.

Announcements » "JONZO" "The Chronological Bing Crosby" series » 13/3/2017 10:01 am

A friend of mine is looking for Jonzos 50 and 51. Let me know if you can help.

Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 05/2/2017 11:39 am

It was all right for you wealthy people. As a 17 year old. I had to buy the album as EPs when I could afford them and I never got the final one.

Recording » How do you know what lp or CD a particular Bing Song is on, anyway?? » 04/2/2017 1:43 pm

Also see page 39 of The Definitive Bing Crosby Discography issued by Wig in 2014 for the CD issue.

Others of Note » Maida Vale Studios » 24/1/2017 7:16 am

Jeremy, have you still got your photo of the plaque? Could you send me a jpg? Like to use it in BING magazine. I do have one already but it's not great.

Others of Note » Maida Vale Studios » 23/1/2017 7:51 pm

And the host of Brain of Britain, Russell Davies, is a Bing fan too.

Others of Note » Miguel Ferrer » 20/1/2017 8:09 am

Think Miguel was on drums at the Palladium.

Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 16/1/2017 8:38 am

Jeremy, you ought to read Fred Reynolds assessment too in Part 4 of his wonderful Crosby Collection books.

Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 16/1/2017 8:34 am

Jeremy, I don't remember Lionel talking about the album. It might have been Reg Bristo though. Ken Barnes was critical about it in his book.

Biography » Gary Giddins - Volume Two » 11/1/2017 7:24 pm

Just posted on Facebook.
GOOD NEWS! Gary Giddins has completed the second volume of his three-volume Bing Crosby biography: "Bing Crosby, Swinging On a Star, the War Years, 1940-1946," to be published by Little, Brown. Publication date will be announced here, along with cover art - when Little, Brown provides them!

Announcements » Buddy Bregman » 09/1/2017 10:16 pm

Sorry to read that Buddy has passed away.

Others of Note » RIP: Debbie Reynolds » 09/1/2017 10:01 pm

Interested to read that the duet reached the charts. Are we sure it wasn't Bing's solo version?

Film » Road movies » 09/1/2017 9:58 pm

Sorry to read about this, Ron. Better luck next time.

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