Biography » Gary Giddins - Volume Two » 28/1/2018 7:10 am

COMING IN NOVEMBER 2018 Gary Giddins presents the second volume of his masterful multi-part biography Bing Crosby dominated American popular culture in a way that few artists ever have. From the dizzy era of Prohibition through the dark days of the Second World War, he was a desperate nation's most beloved entertainer. But he was more than just a charismatic crooner: Bing Crosby redefined the very foundations of modem music, from the way it was recorded to the way it was orchestrated and performed. In this much-anticipated follow-up to the universally acclaimed first volume, NBCC Winner and preeminent cultural critic Gary Giddins now focuses on Crosby's most memorable period, the war years and the origin story of White Christmas. Set against the backdrop of a Europe on the brink of collapse, this groundbreaking work traces Crosby's skyrocketing career as he fully inhabits a new era of American entertainment and culture. While he would go on to reshape both popular music and cinema more comprehensively than any other artist, Crosby's legacy would be forever intertwined with his impact on the home front, a unifying voice for a nation at war. Over a decade in the making and drawing on hundreds of interviews and unprecedented access to numerous archives, Giddins finally brings Bing Crosby, his work, and his world to vivid life -- firmly reclaiming Crosby's central role in American cultural history. "The best thing to happen to Bing Crosby since Bob Hope." (WSJ) See also

Announcements » Bob Hope tribute » 24/1/2018 1:51 pm

Many thanks, Frans. Good to see that extract.

Announcements » Bob Hope tribute » 23/1/2018 11:26 am

American Masters: This Is Bob Hope, shown on Friday, Dec. 29, 9/8c, PBS

Did anyone see this? Much about Bing in it?

Radio » Kraft Music Hall - April 30, 1942 » 16/1/2018 6:32 am

Many thanks, David. Think the date was April 30, 1942. Did you take them from the Spokane LP?

Recording » Bing Sings The Irving Berlin Songbook » 31/12/2017 9:38 am

If we want further CD issues from the family we really have to support what they put out. How much are we talking about?

Biography » Portrayals of Bing? » 18/12/2017 6:28 am

An image of Bing appears in the Sinatra film "The Joker Is Wild" singing "June in January". The TV movie "The Grace Kelly Story" has someone playing Bing in one scene.

Artistic Legacy » Bing Crosby as Christmas Singer: Conversation with Malcolm Macfarlane » 15/12/2017 10:55 pm

Vic Schoen was the man behind Jingle Bells and Santa Claus etc.

Others of Note » Others Singing Bing » 14/12/2017 8:44 pm

I really like those latest recordings. "My Own True Love" is wonderful.

Announcements » Bing Crosby Meets » 10/12/2017 6:08 pm

On December 23, Radio 4 Extra are repeating a programme from December 2001 in which Ken Barnes explored how a beloved singer became king of radio, hosting over 4000 broadcasts on American networks. Bert Bishop reviewed the programme in BING #130 (Spring 2002) and said: "When radio was king . . . and when Bing was King of Radio. This sobriquet from Radio 4's Archive Hour edition "Bing Crosby Meets . . ." was bestowed by Ken Barnes who, with Gary Giddins, presented the best programme I've ever heard on the Crosby years of the pre-tv era. It's a remarkable revelation that, at his peak, Bing's audience was no less than fifty million listeners, representing one in four Americans tuning in to his weekly show for Kraft. Surely, this will remain an all-time, unbeatable record. The sixty minute programme covered just about every aspect of those great days of wireless entertainment from the Cocoanut Grove through to his final years with Rosemary Clooney and Buddy Cole in the mid-1950s."

Artistic Legacy » TRIBUTES TO BING » 03/12/2017 6:38 am

Re John Walton's programme (4 above), it is intended to re-broadcast the Crooners Club Bing Special at 7.00 pm (UK time) on New Years Eve.  Probably a better time for US listeners!

Swaps and Sales » Collection available. » 24/11/2017 6:29 pm

Susan Craddock, Greenfield, Bedfordshire MK45 5DG, UK (Phone: 01525 713424, E-mail:
Susan writes “I have my father's comprehensive collection of Bing Crosby LP's and wondered if there was any interest in this format these days.  It seems such a shame just to take them to the tip when they may be of some interest to someone.”
Please contact her if you are interested.

Radio » Star Spangled Radio Hour » 20/11/2017 7:02 pm

Richard, the show plays OK in Wilmslow.

Links » The Great Jazz and Pop Vocal Albums. What? No Crosby? Unbelievable. » 29/10/2017 6:06 pm

One of Will's favourite albums is Bing with a Beat so hopefully that will be mentioned.

Announcements » BING magazine » 27/10/2017 12:09 pm

The winter issue of BING magazine is being sent to the printers and you should receive it by the end of November. See

Recording » Please help me identify this version of a Bing Crosby song » 27/10/2017 5:49 am

Think No. 3 comes from the Kraft Music Hall broadcast of December 30, 1943.

Television » BRAND NEW BING TV Special on Color Jackie Gleason Show Set » 15/10/2017 6:30 am

Greg Van Beek has just sent me a message. "Just wanted to give you a recap of what's on the Jackie Gleason Show from 1967 just released on DVD. Bing's solo of Don't Fence Me In remains, as does the final number Thanks A Million. Dear Hearts & Gentle People, along with San Fernando Valley were cut, and the entire medley Bing sang with Jackie is gone as well. A great pity."

Film » Road films on Bluray? » 14/10/2017 9:39 pm

I ordered the two Road films on BluRay and whilst they are ok I can't really see much improvement on the DVDs. Bali has the option of a commentary which I found very annoying.

Artistic Legacy » TRIBUTES TO BING » 13/10/2017 5:42 am

Here's the link if you want to listen to the recent BBC programme about Bing.

Artistic Legacy » TRIBUTES TO BING » 11/10/2017 7:16 am

Frank Startup has just emailed me as follows.
"You probably already know this, but I see, from the current edition of the Radio Times. that on Sunday, 15th. October, Clare Teal will be 'marking the 40th. anniversary of the death of superstar crooner Bing Crosby' on Radio 2 between 9 and 11 in the evening."

Great news!

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